Where do I find my registration verification code?

To protect your account and ensure the valid registration email belonging to you, during the registration with IslamicMarkets, a verification code will be sent to your email ID, in order to verify your email address.

1) During the registration, After clicking the Register button, you'll get an IslamicMarkets Verification Code via email.


2) To locate the email, check your Inbox and look for an email from IslamicMarkets.

or you can also search the email from "no-reply@islamicmarkets.com"


3) If cannot locate it in the main inbox, then kindly check your Junk/Spam folders.


4) Click on the email and look for the 5-Digit code.

6) To proceed to the next step, enter the verification code in the space provided.


Note: This verificate code is valid for 30mins. 
In case expired, then click on Resend button to receive it again.