How do I invite others to

On all IslamicMarkets and IQ pages top menu you can invite by clicking the Invite icon


On the Invite page, under Invite your friends and colleagues you can enter the email address or addresses of the person you wish to invite. 


You can also import your contacts on your Gmail and Outlook accounts.



You can also invite users via uploading .CSV file

After you have sent Invites to your contacts, they will be receiving an email invite on which once they click "Accept Invite


Your contact will be redirected to the IslamicMarkets Registration page.


You can also view the status of the users / contacts that you have sent the invite on the Recent invitations section. If the contact you have invited has registered already it will show Accepted, and if not yet registered Pending.  In this section, you can also see the date on which you have invited your contact.

 When you click Open Contacts Manager on this page you can see information about your contact as well can manage it:

1) You can Follow your contact

2) You can Resend Invitation if your contact is still not registered yet.

3) You can also Remove your contact by clicking the ellipsis icon.