How do I invite learners to the IslamicMarkets Platform?

To set-up your organisation on the IslamicMarkets, you need to invite your learners to the IslamicMarkets platform.

This can be done through your Company's Admin page. Follow these simple steps to invite them.

1. On the left menu click on "Admin"

On Admin click on the "Users & Teams" tab

Click on "invite User" on the top right corner.

4. You can either invite single/multiple users by adding their emails in the field provided below, or can invite them in bulk using .csv file having emails of all of your learners.

4A) Inviting Single/Multiple Learners:

i) Enter the email addresses manually in the specified field.

ii) Separate multiple email addresses with commas (,)

iii) Click on "Send Invitations".

4B) Inviting Learners in Bulk:

i) Add all email addresses of your learners into an excel file (only email addresses, we do not need any other columns in excel)

ii) Save as the excel file in ".csv" (comma-separated values)

iii) Click on "Choose File", then upload the .csv file that contains a list of email addresses.


iv) Click on "Send Invitations"

While inviting users in bulk, please be patient as if the list of emails is extensive enough, it will take a while to send all invitations. Do not refresh the page.

5. You will see the message on top, that "Invitations has been sent successfully"


  1. While inviting learners, ensure that "Upgrade Users to PRO once they Register" is always ticked.
  2. You can invite your learners with full access, or as "Lite" (Having access only to assigned learning content) by selecting the option of "Set User as Lite once they Register".

    To know more details about Lite access, please get in touch with IslamicMarkets team.