Where can I monitor learning progress and access reports?

You can generate comprehensive reports with strong analytical tools, tailored to your requirements on the IslamicMarkets platform. This helps you to monitor the progress of your learners regularly, conduct assessments, train and adapt to the changing needs.

To access the real-time Reports:


1. On the left menu Click "Reports"


 Overview Reports tab will show stat boxes below:


Active Users: - number of users that are actively taking any Programme, Programme Content, and Stand Alone Videos.

New Users
: - will show the number of learners recently registered to IslamicMarkets.

Credit Earned
- number of credits earned by all of your learners.

Watch Live Sessions
-  number of TV / Live sessions that your learners have watched.

Active Programmes - number of Programmes that are not completed yet by your learners.

Completed Programmes - number of Programmes that are already completed by your learners.

Note: Each Boxes are clickable and will show you different reports related unto it on each pages.



Most Active Programmes: this chart shows the Programmes which your learners are taking, and when clicked a section, you can see who is taking those programmes.

Most Active Users: is a list of your learners on which is actively taking Programmes or Videos and sorted the highest number of Activities at the top.

3. Learning Monitor
tab is a table on which will show the summary of data on the progress of your learners


Monitor By Content - shows Learning Content that your learners are taking as well as its Status by scrolling the table.

Monitors By Users - shows data of your users activities when they are logging in to IslamicMarkets Learning.


4. Programmes
tab list all the Programmes that your learners have been taken or currently taking and its Status


When you click a Programme under "Programme Title" you will be seeing your learners that are taking that programme, when they Last Active, and Status

5. Video tab will show Videos that your learners have been watching and your learners activity

Most Active Videos: videos that are most watch by your learners, and clicking a portion of the graph will show who are the users that have watched the video.

User Activity: it shows a graph on which shows the data each month on how your learners activity on IML meaning the number of times they are taking learning content.

6. Assessments tab is shows Quiz related reports

Most Completed Assessments: quizzes the are most completed by your learners.

Most Active Users: is a list of your learners on which is actively taking Programmes or Videos and sorted the highest number of Activities at the top.


Below the page you can see the Assessments / Quizzes that your learners have recently taking

When you click an Assessment / Quiz it will show users that taken the quiz and a graph on which it shows the "Passed" and "Failed" on number of questions

The table below will give you progress for that quiz: Last Attempt, Time Taken, Score, and Attempts for each user.

When you click a name under "User" column, it will show you the answer that the user selected on each questions, it will also show the grade of the user for that quiz and number of attempts as.

Note: You can select the Attempts drop down to select on which you want to see for the user