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Frequently asked questions

What is IslamicMarkets.com?

IslamicMarkets.com is a leading learning and financial intelligence platform that acts as a gateway to the $7 trillion economy, allowing professionals and institutions to seamlessly navigate the global Islamic financial markets.

What services do I receive if I sign up with IslamicMarkets.com?

IslamicMarkets.com provides breakthrough access to market insights & financial intelligence (IslamicMarkets IQ), an industry knowledge development platform (IslamicMarkets Learning) and collaboration tools that connect more than 500k users on the platform (IM Messenger).

Do I need to pay to use IslamicMarkets.com?

You can sign up for free on IslamicMarkets.com with limited access to our platform through BASIC membership. In order to access more of our offerings, you can subscribe to either PLUS, PRO or ENTERPRISE membership. Please refer to our Pricing page for more details.

Is IslamicMarkets.com compatible with any operating system?

IslamicMarkets.com is accessible across all operating systems and popular browsers (i.e. Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge)

Where is IslamicMarkets.com located?

IslamicMarkets' global HQ is located in London, UK. In addition, we have regional HQ in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and we are in the process of opening other regional offices across the global Islamic economy.