How do I select Monitors for my account?

You can select Monitors during registration and after registration. 

Select Monitors During Registration

  1. During registration, you will see "What would you like to monitor?" step. You can select what monitor or monitors to follow eg. "Sukuk" and "Fintech".


  2. After finished all registration steps, you will be able to see Monitors that you followed on IM Homepage top section 

Select Monitors at Anytime After Registration

  1. On IM Homepage, at Add to your feed box on the right, there is a list of Monitors. You can select Monitor/s by simply click +Follow button. 
  2. To view all of the available Monitors, click View All button and you will be directed to List of Monitors


  3. You can build your own customised feeds by clicking the +Follow button for any Monitors that you like.