6 Steps in Creating a Culture of Learning

The SIMPLE 6-step process in creating a culture of learning in your organisation with IslamicMarkets.com:

1: Strategise

Assess how your employees are currently learning, identify the Gaps, set learning Goals and develop a customised Learning Plan.

2: Implement

Create a vibrant learning environment and make learning content accessible anywhere, anytime and from any device.

3: Measure

6 steps to measure success of organisational learning culture:

Assign learning content to learners, monitor their progress regularly, generate weekly and monthly activity reports, conduct assessments, train and adapt to the changing needs.

4: Provide Support

5: Leadership

Make learning a core organisational value, by emphasising the need for development by the organisational leaders and sharing of knowledge and best practices.

6: Empower

Gamify the learning experience, encourage competition, assess the impact and reward the high-performers and continuously improve.