How do I assign a module or programme to learners?

A) Assigning a Learning Module

Learning modules are bite-sized video content, when your learners are short for time, modules are great to start with.

To assign a learning module, open the desired learning module from the IslamicMarkets Library

On the Module page e.g (What is Islamic Finance), click on the "Assign" button underneath the table of content (in the bottom right corner of the video).

 In the pop-up, tag the user(s) or team(s) that you want to assign the module to.

e.g @John or @Shariah Team

3. You may select the due date in case you expect the assignee to complete the Module before a certain due date.


Its a good practice to add due date, as then system will send automatic reminders to assignee to complete the module before certain due date.

4. Click on the "Assign" button.

B) Assigning a Learning Programme: 

Learning Programmes are step-by-step structured courses, supported with modules, classes, assessments and team collaboration tools to encourage you and your team as you make progress towards your learning goals.


To assign a learning programme:

1. Open IslamicMarkets Library.

2. Open the desired learning programme preview page e.g: Sukuk 101

3. On the programme preview page, on the bottom right corner, underneath the table of content, click on the "Assign" button

4. Then follow steps 2, 3 and 4 as described in Section A above.



Certificates are rewarded only when your learners will complete the full programme and pass all the quizzes within (if any). We recommend to assign whole programme in case you expect your learners to receive a Certificate for the assignment.