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Navigate the Islamic economy is a leading financial intelligence and investing platform for the global Islamic economy

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Market Intelligence

Get unrivalled access to financial intelligence and investment opportunities in Islamic markets. IslamicMarkets PRO provides institutions access to insights from Sukuk markets to companies, with powerful analytics.

PRO Database & Analytics

Access premium market data, all in one place with IslamicMarkets’s PRO Databases. Combine with our Analytics to get powerful insights.

Inbox and Messaging

Our Inbox and Messaging services connect financial firms and investors with the largest, most established Islamic markets community in the world.

Publications and Reports

Get unrivalled access to financial intelligence and investment opportunities in Islamic markets, with our intra-daily market publications and reports.

Industry-Led Learning

IslamicMarkets Learning provides a single channel to access learning solutions, combined with the our powerful reporting and analytical tools. You can either use our innovative Learning Platform or White-Label solutions, including using your branding on our online customer and staff training modules.

Industry Learning Programmes

Our Programmes equip the next generation of practitioners with the technical expertise and practical knowledge needed to meet industry needs.

Track progress and earn credits

With Learning you can easily track progress and employees are rewarded with credits based on retained knowledge that has business impact.

Industry recognised certificates

Industry recognised certificates will drive more business opportunities for market participants and will allow financial firms to grow globally.

Islamic Finance & FinTech Advisory

IslamicMarkets Advisory works closely with Islamic banks and industry bodies in providing Advisory and Consultancy services for financial firms, government and academia in relation to the establishment, promotion and regulation of Islamic finance and FinTech markets.


Professional learning solutions, including classroom and online programmes. Learning is based around the needs of the industry.

Financial Intelligence

IslamicMarkets PRO delivers trusted and high-quality financial intelligence necessary to support your business needs.


IslamicMarkets aims to expand the investor base - institutions and investors can easily identify products and investment opportunities using our proprietary platform.

Shariah Screening Platform

Providing recognised Shariah screening and product compliance platform that screens and manages the compliance cycle for products, such as Sukuk, equities, funds, REITs and indexes.

We adopt globally recognised standards, with a harmonised Shariah screening approach that aims to spur capital inflows, especially from Middle East and Southeast Asia region investors. has played a “significant role in promoting Islamic Finance globally and opening new horizons for the industry”

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