Reserves in Islamic Equity Funds

Reserves are important to the proper management of the fund and the smoothing of redemption payments to the investors. If distribution of profit and redemption of units is done on accrual basis, then reserves are a must for the operation of the fund. Reserves are deducted from the profit generated through the invested funds. This raises two Shari’ah questions. Firstly, whether investors are aware of such deduction and they are consenting to their amount. This problem can be solved through clear mention in the prospectus and signed on the agreement with each investor. Secondly, who own such reserves at the winding down of the investment fund? Many investment funds that are managed by Islamic banks opt for donating such amount at the closing of the fund to charity. One should remember, however, that most of these open-end funds have no specific date nor any future plan for ending the operation of the fund.

Source: An Introduction To Islamic Banking, Shaykh Dr Mohamed Ali Elgari. Republished with permission.
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