Price Determination

Anas reported: During the life time of the Messenger of Allah (Sall Allah-o-alaihe wa sallam) price level went up. They (people) said: “Messenger of Allah (Sall Allah-o-alaihe wa sallam)! Fix the prices for us.” On this he (the Messenger of Allah, Sall Allah-o-alaihe wa sallam) said: “Prices are fixed by Allah. He contracts and expands the sources (and is) the provider of livelihood. And I wish to meet my Sustainer (God) in a state that no one of you may raise a claim of injustice against me in respect of blood or money.


Source: Economic Teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him): A Select Anthology of Hadith Literature on Economics, Muhammad Akram Khan. Republished with permission.
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