Indifferent Attitude of Parents & Society

A large proportion of illiterates amongst the adult population, and consequently the illiterate parents, is also the result of poor school enrolment and higher primary school dropouts. In case of Pakistan, as high as more than 50 million adults are illiterate, no schools and those enrolled, a-third of them drop out. The parents, especially illiterates, have no or little desire for educating their children. This indifferent attitude is also reflected in the society, where education of children is not a prioritised area of attention. The society as a whole does not seem to be concerned with nonavailability of schools, quality of schools, higher   dropouts, etc. Working of children is seen as a normal function of labour market and, in fact, is justified on the grounds of poverty, etc.


Source: Poverty Alleviation in Pakistan: Present Scenario and Future Strategy, Mohibul Haq Sahibzada. Republished with permission.
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