Istisna vs. Salam

Keeping in view this nature of istisna there are several points of difference between istisna and salam which are summarized below:

(i) The subject of istisna is always a thing which needs manufacturing, while salam can be effected on anything, no matter whether it needs manufacturing or not.

(ii) It is necessary for salam that the price is paid in full in advance, while it is not necessary in istisna.

(iii) The contract of salam, once effected, cannot be cancelled unilaterally, while the contract of istisna can be cancelled before the manufacturer starts the work.

(iv) The time of delivery is an essential part of the sale in salam while it is not necessary in istisna that the time of delivery is fixed.

Source: Republished with the kind permission of Sheikh Muhammad Taqi Usmani.
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