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Treasury Brief - 7 March

Majed Salah
By Majed Salah
7 years ago
Treasury Brief - 7 March

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  1. TREASURY MM ORNING BRIEF TREASURY ORNING BRIEF 07 March 2017 Treasury Sales +44 207 648 7786/89 - Reuters BACM Market Report Markets Not much in store for today, Eurozone GDP and U.S Trade Balance the picks of a dull economic calendar. European Indices initially looked like ticking higher , so far only the FTSE is holding on to those early gains and that can be put down to a declining GBP. Peers return to the House of Lords today to debate the article 50 bill once more , chances are Pm Theresa May will again feel like Kevin the Teenager, government at risk of a second defeat. Speculation is rife Peers will impose another amendment to the legislation inserting a requirement for May to hold a "Meaningful vote" in parliament, a huge sigh, shrug of the shoulders , hair flopping over her face and a shout of "it's so unfair!". There's no question that any of this will stop article 50 but the white noise is palpable, no doubt an irritant to the PM, as it is to a heavy looking Cable. WTi Crude Oil is a little higher this morning. April delivery costing around $53.30 a barrel, Iraq said it was ready to cut production in the second half of this year if OPEC decides to extend a policy limiting output, trouble is markets interest to take Oil higher is comparable to that of Kevin the Teenager when asked to wash his father's car. Gold remains at the lower end of the recent trend, March rate hike expectations keeping the precious metal heavy, support at $1,220 an ounce holding. EM Credit Core Bond Yields mixed this morning , 10 Year Treasury and Gilt yields are making moves higher ,2.507% and 1.217% respectively, EGB 10 Year yield trading lower at 0.33% no doubt political events in France having impact. As for EM? a better start to the day sums it up. Turkey 5 Year CDS tighter below 240, South African 5 Year insurance stable at 191. The recent Eurobond 10 year issues from Turkey and Egypt are both regaining composure, value seen. Foreign Exchange The dollar continues to find support, to be expected given current circumstances. Against the greenback the EUR is holding better than GBP. EM currencies also holding their own, TRY doing better as Central Bank tightens funding. ZAR gives up some gains but still below 13.00 even as GDP disappoints. EUR/USD support 1.0570 1.0550 resistance 1.0640 1.0675 GBP/USD support 1.2200 1.2180 resistance 1.2250 1.2300 Economic Indicators Area EC EC US CA CA Data GDP SA QoQ GDP SA YoY Trade Balance Int'l Merchandise Trade Ivey Purchasing Managers Index Date Q4 Q4 Jan Jan Feb Previous 0.4% 1.7% -$44.3b 0.92b 57.2 Expected 0.4% 1.7% -$48.5b 0.75b 58.5 Today's Tipples  Warba Bank offering a USD Perp non-call five year Sukuk  South African GDP remains at 0.7% YoY, annualized QoQ misses expectations posting -0.3%  Ghana and Iraq both signal willingness to extend production curbs  Nigeria expected to exit recession in 2017  RBA left rate unchanged at 1.5% as expected WWW.BACB.CO.UK
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