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TA Asia Pacific Islamic Balanced Fund Report - March 2018

IM Insights
By IM Insights
4 years ago
TA Asia Pacific Islamic Balanced Fund Report - March 2018

Shariah, General Investment Account

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  1. TA Asia Pacific Islamic Balanced Fund (TAIB) 7.3 #BEST MIXED ASSET MYR BAL - GLOBAL- MALAYSIAN PENSION, 3 YEARS Moderate 15 Mar 18 Pg 4 Information as at 30 March 2018 (based on NAV to NAV with distributions reinvested) Fund Objective The Fund aims to provide steady income and capital growth over the medium to long-term period by focusing its investment in local and Asia Pacific listed and unlisted equities, equity related securities, fixed income securities, participation in mutual funds and other interests in collective investment schemes which are permitted under Guidelines and complies with Shariah requirements. Fund Performance Benchmark 62.36% TAIB 58.71% Investor Profile Wants to diversify their overall investment portfolio by including exposure to the foreign market. Seeks long term capital appreciation through exposure to Shariah-compliant equities and sukuk. Cumulative Performance (%) Investment Strategy 1 month 6 months 1 year 5 years Year To Date Since Inception 3 years Focuses on a diversified portfolio of listed Fund -1.54 0.98 6.97 19.27 33.83 -1.18 58.71 or unlisted Shariah-compliant equities and -1.09 1.86 7.15 24.08 49.52 -0.89 62.36 Benchmark* equity related instruments available locally *Benchmark constituents: Dow Jones Islamic Market Asia Pacific Index - 50% Source: Lipper for Investment Management and in the Asia Pacific region. The Fund 12 month General Investment Account (GIA) rate - 50% will be investing 40% to 60% of its NAV in Annual Performance (%) Shariah-compliant equities and equity related securities while balance in sukuk and 2014 2012 2015 2011 2016 2017 2013 Shariah-based liquid assets. Fund 0.94 6.66 13.93 -3.87 2.42 13.52 -0.19 Fund Details Benchmark* NAV per unit RM 0.4854 Fund Size RM 10.98 million 5.44 12.69 Distribution/Unit Split History No of Units In Circulation 22.62 million units Declaration Fund Inception Date 7 November 2006 Date Gross Distribution Unit Split Financial Year End 2.0 sen per unit 2.5 sen per unit Nil Nil 3.0 sen per unit 2.5 sen per unit Nil 2.0 sen per unit Nil 3.0 sen per unit Nil 2.0 sen per unit 3.0 sen per unit Nil Nil 30 September 30/09/08 Service Charge EPF-MIS Investment - Up to 3% 30/09/10 Cash Investments - Up to 5.5% 28/09/12 Management Fee Trustee Fee Trustee 1.5% p.a of the Fund’s NAV 30/09/13 0.07% p.a of the Fund’s NAV 30/09/14 CIMB Commerce Trustee Berhad 30/09/15 Shariah Adviser IBFIM 30/09/16 Min. Initial Investment RM 1,000 Min. Subsequent Investment 5.86 29/09/17 Nil 5.27 7.43 -5.96 Source: Lipper for Investment Management Top Ten Holdings 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Alibaba Group Holding Ltd (US) Tencent Holdings Ltd (China) FANUC Corporation (Japan) Samsung Electronics (UK) Keyence Corporation (Japan) Sandfire Resources NL (Australia) Alumina Limited (Australia) Bridgestone Corp (Japan) Malaysian Resources Corporation Berhad (Malaysia) 10 NTT DoCoMo Inc. (Japan) % NAV 8.65 7.52 5.35 4.63 4.37 4.22 3.58 2.60 2.39 1.80 RM 100 Fund Price History High Since Inception 01/11/07 0.5406 YTD 23/01/18 0.5130 13.28 *Benchmark constituents: Dow Jones Islamic Market Asia Pacific Index - 50% 12 month General Investment Account (GIA) rate - 50% Low Since Inception 20/11/08 0.3365 YTD 09/02/18 0.4809 * YTD: Year To Date # The Edge-Lipper Malaysia Fund Awards 2018 - The Fund has been ranked by Lipper as the best performing fund of its category for the year ended December 31, 2017. Asset & Sector Allocation Geographic Allocation Consumer Product 13.28% Japan 14.12% US 8.65% Technology 11.89% Islamic Deposits & Others 53.43% Trading & Services 1.80% Industrial Products 9.41% Mining 7.80% Construction 2.39% Islamic Deposits & Others 53.43% Australia 7.80% Hong Kong/China 7.52% Malaysia 3.85% UK 4.63% Based on the fund’s portfolio returns as at 31 December 2017, the Volatility Factor (VF) for this fund is 7.3 and is classified as “Moderate” (source: Lipper). “Moderate” includes funds with VF that are above 6.0 but not more than 8.0. The VF means there is a possibility for the fund in generating an upside return or downside return around this VF. The Volatility Class (VC) is assigned by Lipper based on quintile ranks of VF for qualified funds. VF is subject to monthly revision and VC will be revised every six months. The fund’s portfolio may have changed since this date and there is no guarantee that the fund will continue to have the same VF or VC in the future. Presently, only funds launched in the market for at least 36 months will display the VF and its VC. Neither the information nor any opinion expressed constitutes an offer, or an invitation to make an offer to buy or sell any securities or unit trusts. Copies of the Master Prospectus dated 1 October 2016, First Supplementary Master Prospectus dated 10 April 2017 and Second Supplementary Master Prospectus dated 1 February 2018, have been registered with the Securities Commission Malaysia who takes no responsibility for its contents. Investors are advised to read and understand the contents of the Prospectuses, copies of which are available from our offices, authorised consultants and distributors before investing. Product Highlights Sheet (“PHS”) is available and that investors have the right to request for a PHS; and the PHS and any other product disclosure document should be read and understood before making any investment decision. The price of units and distributions payable, if any, may go down as well as up. Investors should also consider the fees and charges involved and the risks when investing in the Fund such as market risk, currency risk and country risk before investing. Past performance of the Fund is no indication of its future performance. Units are issued upon receipt of a duly completed application form referred to in and accompanying the Prospectuses. Investors are advised that following the issue of additional units/distribution, the NAV per unit will be reduced from pre-unit split NAV/cum-distribution NAV to post-unit split NAV/ex-distribution NAV. Investors are also advised that, where a unit split is declared, the value of their investment in Malaysian ringgit will remain unchanged after the distribution of the additional units.