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Islamic Finance: Product & Industry Evolution

Adil Sahin
By Adil Sahin
8 years ago

Ard, Islam

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  1. Islamic Finance : Product & Industry Evolution The Islamic market has witnessed unprecedented growth in players and product innovation in recent years. 2000+ 1980s 1970s Industry Product 1 Multilateral bank: IDB Islamic Commodity Finance New Commercial Banks 1980s: International banks start Murabaha business out of, predominantly, London Islamic Corporate & Consumer Banking 1990s Regulatory standards: Islamic Financial Services Board Accounting standards: AAOIFI Numerous international institutions; 300+ Islamic banks 1996: First international Islamic investment bank formed (Citi Islamic Investment Bank) Syndications, Project Financing, Mutual Funds Islamic Bond Index Islamic Bonds, Structured Products, Convertibles, Derivatives, Syndications, Hedge Funds