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Eastspring Investments Islamic Small-Cap Fund Report - March 2018

IM Insights
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6 years ago
Eastspring Investments Islamic Small-Cap Fund Report - March 2018


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  1. ISLAMIC SMALL-CAP FUND MARCH 2018 ALL DATA AS AT 28 FEBRUARY 2018 UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED FUND INFORMATION FUND OBJECTIVE Launch Date : 25 May 2017 The Fund seeks to provide capital appreciation by investing in small market capitalisation Shariah-compliant securities of companies with growth potential. . Fund Category/Fund Type: Equity (small-cap Shariah) / Growth . . ASSET ALLOCATION Fund Size: RM436,705,176.00 . 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Initial Offer Price: RM0.5000 . NAV per Unit: RM0.5288 . EPF Investment Scheme: Nil . FEES, CHARGES AND EXPENSES Annual Management Fee: Up to 1.50% of the Fund's NAV per annum . Annual Trustee Fee: Up to 0.065% of the Fund's NAV per annum, subject to a minimum of RM15,000 per annum . Sales Charge: Up to 5.26% of the NAV per Unit of the Fund . Redemption charge: Nil Cash & cash equivalents Construction Manufacturing Technology Health Care Conglomerate 26.85% 22.85% 12.55% 9.31% 7.86% 6.00% 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Oil and Gas Building Materials Plantation / Natural Resources Consumer Property 5.35% 4.29% 2.18% 1.58% 1.18% * as percentage of NAV. TOP HOLDINGS 1. 2. 3. Hong Leong Industries Berhad. Kossan Rubber Industries Berhad Serba Dinamik Holdings Berhad 6.00% 5.74% 5.35% 4. 5. WCT Holdings Berhad Kerjaya Prospek Group Berhad 5.04% 5.01% * as percentage of NAV. FUND PERFORMANCE Eastspring Investments Islamic Small-Cap Fund - Since Inception (SI) Return Vs Benchmark . Redemption Payment Period: Ten (10) calendar days . SI % Change TRANSACTION DETAILS Minimum Initial Investment: Lump Sum: RM1000* Regular Investment: RM100* . Minimum Additional Investment: Lump Sum & Regular Investment: RM100* "Not available as the fund performance N/A is less than one year" . * The Manager reserves the right to change the minimum amounts stipulated above from time to time . Date Eastspring Investments Islamic Small-Cap Fund DISTRIBUTIONS Income Distribution Policy: Subject to the availability of income, distribution of income, if any, will be incidental, after deduction of taxation and expenses Benchmark The performance is calculated on NAV-to-NAV basis with gross income or dividend reinvested Source: Lipper for Investment Management. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance. . PERFORMANCE TABLE Fund NAV: 52-Week High 52-Week Low NAV n.a. n.a. Date n.a. n.a. 1 month Fund Manager: Eastspring Investments Berhad . Eastspring Investments Berhad (531241-U) Level 12, Menara Prudential, 10, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur. Tel: 603 - 2332 1000 Fax: 603 - 2052 3366 E-mail: cs.my@eastspring.com 1 year 3 years 5 years Fund Benchmark * FUND MANAGER 6 months "Not available as the fund performance is less than one year" Lipper Ranking *80% FTSE Bursa Malaysia Small Cap Shariah Index + 20% FTSE Bursa Malaysia EMAS Shariah Index . Since Inception
  2. ISLAMIC SMALL-CAP FUND MARCH 2018 ALL DATA AS AT 28 FEBRUARY 2018 UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED FUND MANAGER ’S COMMENTARY After a good start in January for global markets and Malaysian equity markets alike, the month of February saw markets correct triggered by the sharp selldown in the US Dow Jones Index on the 5 Feb 2018 which declined by 4.6%. The irony being that the market was spooked by the stronger job and wage data in the US, stoking fears of higher than expected inflation which may result in the US Federal Reserve (“Fed”) being more hawkish, triggering a sell- off in the US bond market. The Malaysian equity market corrected as foreign investors reduced their exposure in Malaysia with Rm1.2bn net outflow for the month. Malaysian corporate results reporting for the 4Q2017 period which were announced in February were generally inline, and whilst 2017 earnings closed with a decent 7% growth yoy, consensus is expecting 2018 earnings growth to register similar levels of growth. The FTSE Bursa Malaysia (“FBM”) Shariah Emas Index closed the month lower at 1.69% mom to close at 13,427.51 points. The broader market declined by 1.15%, marginally outperforming the FBM Shariah Emas Index. The best performing sector was Consumer (+2.40%) driven mainly by the spectacular performance of Nestle Berhad, which has continued its upward trend after its inclusion into the Morgan Stanley Capital International (“MSCI”) Malaysia Index and FTSE Bursa Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Composite (“FBMKLCI”) index. The worst performing sectors were Construction (-5.93%) and Industrial (-4.71%). The FBM Small Cap Index declined by 2.13%. Average value traded on Bursa in February was RM 2.87b lower by 17% mom from January, partly due to the shorter trading month. . ANNUAL PERFORMANCE FOR THE CALENDAR YEAR ENDED Year - - - - - Fund (%) - - - - - Benchmark (%) "Not available as the fund performance is less than one year" Date/Distribution (RM) - - - - - Distribution Yield (%) - - - - - Source: n.a. IMPORTANT INFORMATION Investors are advised to read and understand the contents of the Eastspring Investments Islamic Small-cap Fund (”Fund”) Prospectus dated 25 May 2017 (”Prospectus”) and the Fund’s Product Highlights Sheet (“PHS”) before investing. The Prospectus and PHS are available at offices of Eastspring Investments Berhad or its authorised distributors and investors have the right to request for a copy of the Prospectus and PHS. The Prospectus has been registered with the Securities Commission Malaysia who takes no responsibility for its contents. Units will only be issued upon receipt of the application form accompanying the Prospectus. Past performance of the Fund is not an indication of the Fund's future performance. Unit prices and distributions payable, if any, may go down as well as up. Where a unit split/distribution is declared, investors are advised that following the issue of additional units/distribution, the Net Asset Value (“NAV”) per unit will be reduced from pre-unit split NAV/cum-distribution NAV to post-unit split NAV/ex-distribution NAV. Where a unit split is declared, investors are advised that the value of their investment in Malaysian Ringgit will remain unchanged after the issue of the additional units. Investments in the Fund are exposed to equity risk and reclassification of Shariah status risk. Investors are advised to consider these risks and other general risks as elaborated in the Prospectus, as well as the fees, charges and expenses involved before investing. All fees, charges and expenses payable by the unit holder are subject to Goods and Services Tax (“GST”) at a rate of 6% or such other prescribed rate as may be imposed from time to time, and incurred by the unit holder directly when purchasing or redeeming units of the Fund and indirectly when investing in the Fund. The fees, charges and expenses disclosed are exclusive of GST or any other taxes or duties that may be imposed by the government or other authorities from time to time. Eastspring Investments companies (excluding JV companies) are ultimately wholly owned/indirect subsidiaries of Prudential plc of the United Kingdom. Eastspring Investments companies (including JV companies) and Prudential plc are not affiliated in any manner with Prudential Financial , Inc., a company whose principal place of business is in the United States of America . .