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AmanahRaya Islamic Equity Fund Report - February 2020

IM Insights
By IM Insights
3 years ago
AmanahRaya Islamic Equity Fund Report - February 2020


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  1. AmanahRaya Islamic Equity Fund (ARIEF) Fund Fact Sheet as at 29th February 2020 FUND OBJECTIVE CURRENT & HISTORICAL NAV (since inception) The Fund aims to provide investors with above average capital growth over a medium to long term period by investing in a carefully selected portfolio of Shariah-Compliant Securities. Price (RM) INVESTOR PROFILE Date Highest Lowest Current 0.7639 0.4546 0.4663 25/10/2012 28/11/2008 29/2/2020 FUND PERFORMANCE (%) Ideal for medium to long-term investors who are risk tolerant and seek higher returns for their investments. 36Year to 1Month Month Date Year INVESTMENT STRATEGY Investment a minimum of 70% and up to 95% of the Fund’s Net Asset Value Investments in Shariah-compliant securities of companies that have good growth potential and whose business activities comply with Shariah requirements. 3Year 5Year 10Year Since Inception Fund -4.80 -6.98 -6.59 -7.41 -22.67 -20.56 20.79 42.86 Benchmark -4.07 -6.64 -6.92 -5.21 -10.22 28.71 20.34 -15.24 Maintain a minimum 5% of the Fund’s Net Asset Value Investments in Islamic liquid assets comprising of cash and Islamic deposits with licensed financial institutions, Islamic accepted bills, sukuk, Government Investment Issues and any other Shariah-compliant instrument capable of being converted into cash within seven (7) days. FUND DETAILS Fund Category : Equity (Shariah-compliant) Fund Type : Growth Benchmark : FTSE Bursa Malaysia Emas Shariah Index Launch Date : 23 April 2008 Financial Year End : 30 November Current NAV per Unit : RM0.4663 Current Units in Circulation : 19.768 million units Initial Service Charge : Up to 5.5% of the NAV of the fund Annual Management Fee : Maximum fee of 1.5% per annum of Trustee Fee : Up to 0.08% per annum of the NAV SECTOR ALLOCATION per unit the NAV of the fund of the fund, subject to a minimum fee of RM18,000 Minimum Initial Investment : RM100 Minimum Subsequent : RM100 Investment Manager : AmanahRaya Investment Trustee : PB Trustee Services Berhad Distribution Policy : The Fund is not expected to pay Investment Management Sdn Bhd regular distribution. (Note: The fund will pay the distribution only if gain the profit.) Historical Distribution (Gross) : 30/11/2012 30/11/2013 30/11/2014 30/11/2015 30/11/2016 30/11/2017 30/11/2018 30/11/2019 TOP 5 HOLDINGS 6.00 sen 6.00 sen 4.20 sen 3.00 sen 2.60 sen 3.50 sen 0.00 sen 0.00 sen Tenaga Nasional Berhad Sime Darby Plantation Berhad Axiata Group Berhad Axis Real Estate Investment Trust MISC Berhad source : Financial Reports for February 2020 by Operations & Finance, ARIM DISCLAIMER Based on the fund’s portfolio returns as at 29th February 2020, the Volatility Factor (VF) for this fund is 10.92 and is classified as High (source : Lipper Report as at 11th February 2020). Moderate includes funds with VF that are above 8.710 but not more than 11.135. The VF means there is a possibility for the fund in generating an upside return or downside return around this VF. The Volatility Class (VC) is assigned by Lipper based on quintile ranks of VF for qualified funds. VF is subject to monthly revision and VC will be revised every six months. The fund’s portfolio may have changed since this date and there is no guarantee that the fund will continue to have the same VF or VC in the future. Presently, only funds launched in the market for at least 36 months will display the VF and its VC. Investors are advised to read and understand the content of the Product Highlights Sheet (PHS) and Master Prospectus (AmanahRaya Islamic Equity Fund) dated 30th November 2017, which has been duly registered with the Securities Commission Malaysia. Any issue of units to which the Master Prospectus relates will only be made on receipt of a completed application form referred to in and subject to the terms and conditions therein. Investment in the Fund is exposed to Market Risk, Liquidity Risk, Inflation Risk, Manager’s Risk, Credit and Default Risk, Loan Financing Risk, Stock Specific Risk and Reclassification of Shariah Status Risk. Investors can obtain the PHS and Master Prospectus at ARIM. There are fees and charges involved when investing in the Fund. Investors should consider these fees and charges carefully prior to making an investment. Unit prices and income distributions, if any, may fall or arise. Past performance is not reflective of future performance and income distributions are not guaranteed. Investors are also advised to read and understand the contents of the Unit Trust Loan Financing Disclosure Statement before deciding to borrow to purchase units. ARIM, its directors and/or employees may periodically hold interest in the securities, related securities or sectors mentioned herein. In the unlikely event that ARIM faces conflicts in respect of its duties to ARIM investment funds that it manages, ARIM is obliged to act in the best interest of all its investors and will seek to resolve any conflict fairly. ARIM has in place a policy on mitigating and managing conflicts of interest contained in its Compliance Policy Manual, which regulates its employees’ securities dealings. An annual declaration of securities trading is required of all employees to ensure that there is no potential conflict of interest between the employees’ securities trading and the execution of the employees’ duties to the company and customers of the company. 3