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Affin Hwang Aiiman Growth Fund Report - January 2021

IM Insights
By IM Insights
1 year ago
Affin Hwang Aiiman Growth Fund Report - January 2021


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  1. 3-years Fund Volatility 17 .2 Overall Rating Very H igh Lipper analy tic s 31 D ec 20 MYR Class Affin Hwang Aiiman Growth Fund A total return fund that aims for capital appreciation through investments in Shariah-compliant Malaysian equities. Fund Type Growth Benchmark FTSE Bursa Malaysia Emas Shariah Index Base Currency MYR Launch Date / IOP 08 October, 2002 / MYR0.50(MYR) Financial Year End 31 August Subscription Cash / EPF Initial Sales Charge Max 6.5% of the NAV per Unit EPF Sales Charge Max 3.0% of the NAV per Unit Annual Management Fee Max 1.50% per annum Repurchase Charge N/A Performance Fee N/A Minimum Investment / Minimum Subsequent Investment MYR1,000 / MYR100(MYR) As at 29 January, 2021* Fund Size / NAV Per Unit MYR330.1million / MYR1.4082(MYR) Performance Record as at 29 January 2021* Performance Table as at 29 January 2021* Cumulative Return Over The Period (%) Since 1 Month 1 Year 3 Year Inception 1.4 41.1 28.7 643.6 -2.2 11.4 -5.8 169.8 Total Return (%) Fund (MYR) Benchmark (MYR) 800 700 Indexed Performance (%) Fund Category Islamic Equity 600 500 Since 1 Year 3 Year 5 Year Inception 41.1 8.8 8.8 11.6 11.4 -2.0 0.7 5.6 Annualised Return (%) Fund (MYR) Benchmark (MYR) 400 300 Calendar Year Return (%) Fund (MYR) Benchmark (MYR) 200 100 Oct 02 Jun 07 AGF Sep 11 Nov 14 Dec 17 Jan 21 Year To Date 1.4 -2.2 2020 36.2 10.1 2019 4.3 3.9 2018 -9.9 -13.5 Sourc e: Lipper Benchmark Oc tober, 2002 to J anuary , 2021 NAV-NAV pric es and as s uming reinv es tment of dis tributions into the Fund, gros s inv es tment bas ed in MYR. The v alue of Units may go down as well as up. Pas t performanc e is not indic ativ e of future performanc e. Sourc e: Lipper Top Holdings as at 29 January 2021* Income Distribution History Equities Uwc Bhd V.s. Industry Bhd Ghl Systems Bhd Greatech Technology Bhd Axis Real Estate Invt Trust Frontken Corp Bhd Inari Amertron Bhd Time Dotcom Berhad Jaks Resources Bhd Bursa Malaysia Berhad % 4.8 4.6 4.0 4.0 3.6 3.6 3.5 3.4 3.3 3.2 Gross Distribution (Sen) 5.00 3.10 10.00 5.00 1.50 1.00 2.00 2.00 1.50 2.00 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 Yield (%) 6.3 3.6 10.0 4.7 1.5 1.0 1.8 1.9 1.5 1.6 Dis tribution Polic y : The fund will dis tribute inc ome s ubjec t to the av ailability of inc ome. Annually : MYR Sector Allocation as at 29 January 2021* Country Allocation as at 29 January 2021* Industrials 34.0% Financials 23.4% Technology Health Care 5.9% 5.6% 3.7% Oil & Gas 2.4% Utilities 2.4% Cash & Cash Equivalents 95.2% 7.3% Basic Materials Consumer Goods Malaysia 10.5% Telecommunications Cash & Cash Equivalents 4.8% 4.8% * The data prov ided abov e is that of the Fund and is a perc entage of NAV as at 29 J anuary 2021. All figures are s ubjec t to frequent c hanges on a daily bas is and the perc entages might not add up to 100% due to rounding. To inv es t in a Clas s other than MYR Clas s and/or MYR-Hedged Clas s , inv es tors are required to hav e a foreign c urrenc y ac c ount with any Financ ial Ins titution as all trans ac tions relating to the partic ular foreign c urrenc y will ONLY be made v ia telegraphic trans fer. The Mornings tar Rating is an as s es s ment of a Fund's pas t performanc e-bas ed on both return and ris k -whic h s hows how s imilar inv es tments c ompare with their c ompetitors . A high rating alone is ins uffic ient bas is for an inv es tment dec is ion. W here a dis tribution is dec lared, inv es tors are adv is ed that following the is s ue of additional Units /dis tribution, the NAV per Unit will be reduc ed from c um-dis tribution NAV to ex -dis tribution NAV. Bas ed on the Fund's portfolio returns as at 31 Dec ember 2020, the Volatility Fac tor (VF) for this Fund is 17.2 for MYR Clas s (Very High) (s ourc e: Lipper). Very Low inc ludes Funds with VF that are not more than 3.645. Low inc ludes Funds with VF that are abov e 3.645 but not more than 10.755. Moderate inc ludes Funds with VF that are abov e 10.755 but not more than 14.31. High inc ludes Funds with VF that are abov e 14.31 but not more than 17.19. Very High inc ludes Funds with VF that are abov e 17.19. The VF means there is a pos s ibility for the Fund in generating an ups ide return or downs ide return around this VF. The Volatility Clas s (VC) is as s igned by Lipper bas ed on quintile rank s of VF for qualified funds . The Fund's portfolio may hav e c hanged s inc e this date and there is no guaranteed that the Fund will c ontinue to hav e the s ame VF or VC in the future. Pres ently , only funds launc hed in the mark et for at leas t 36 months will dis play the VF and its VC. A c opy of the Pros pec tus and Produc t Highlights Sheet ("PHS") c an be obtained at Affin Hwang As s et Management's ("Affin Hwang AM") s ales offic es or at www.affinhwangam.c om. Inv es tors are adv is ed to read and unders tand the c ontents of Pros pec tus and the c orres ponding PHS before inv es ting. There are fees and c harges inv olv ed when inv es ting in the Fund. Inv es tors are adv is ed to c ons ider and c ompare the fees and c harges as well of the ris k s c arefully before inv es ting. Inv es tors s hould mak e their own as s es s ment of the ris k s inv olv ed in inv es ting and s hould s eek profes s ional adv ic e, where nec es s ary . The pric e of units and dis tribution pay able, if any , may go down as well as up and pas t performanc e of the fund s hould not be tak en as indic ativ e of its future performanc e. The Sec urities Commis s ion Malay s ia has not rev iewed this mark eting/promotional material and tak es no res pons ibility for the c ontents of this mark eting/promotional material and ex pres s ly dis c laims all liability , howev er aris ing from this mark eting/promotional material. #GrowWithUs 22 FEBRUARY 2021 | FUNDamentals