MSc of Islamic Finance at Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies

The MSc in Islamic Finance by Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies aims to develop students understanding of Shariah and its relation to finance and economics. Students will learn the appropiate skills and knowledge required in the finance and Islamic finance industry. The main aims of this course are to provide an understanding of the Islamic financial system, to know the variation of Islamic finance principles & practice and to equip students with transferable skills for the job market.

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Course Content
The MSc is made up of 8 core modules, 3 elective modules, a thesis or non thesis pathway and a one month internship. Students are also expected to meet pre-requisites requirements. The content of this course are listed below: Pre-requisites: Mathematics for Business and Finance & Statistical Techniques for Finance and Economics- Principles of Banking and Finance- Introduction to Fiqh- Principles of Economics Core modules:- Objectives of Shariah (Maqasid Al Shari’ah)- Islamic Financial Contracts- Islamic Banking and Finance: Theory and Practice- Islamic Economics: Theory and Practice.- Islamic Capital Markets and Institutions. Accounting and Auditing.- Legal and Regulatory Issues in Islamic Banking and Finance.- Research Methods: Quantitative and Qualitative Techniques. Elective modules:- Governance of Financial Institutions.- Financial Sector Development Policies.- Risk Management in Islamic Finance.- Marketing and Behavioral Finance.- Asset Management.- Financial Engineering from an Islamic Perspective.- Strategic Management in Islamic Finance. Insurance and Takaful.- Selected Topics in Islamic Finance.
Entry Requirements
These as the academic requirements for this course, for more information on additional requirements please vist their webiste; - A Bachelor certificate (or an equivalent) from a recognised univeristy - A score of 80% in the Arabic exam - A score of 550 in TOEFl or 6 in IELTS
Full Time / Part Time
Full Time or Part Time
Last Update: 19 February 2016