BA Islamic Banking and Finance at Asia Pacific Univeristy of Technology & Innovation (APU)

The BA in Islamic Banking and Finance by Asia Pacific Univeristy of Technology & Innovation (APU) aims to provide a theoretical and practical understanding of Islamic Shariah principles in the banking and finance industry. The degree will provide students the required skills for managing Islamic financial information systems, which will help students become professional specialist.

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Course Content
Year 1: - Accounting For Bankers- Business and Communication Skills- Business Economics- Business Law- Financial Accounting 1- Financial Accounting 2- Introduction to Banking & Finance- Introduction to Management - Marketing- Quantitative Skills Year 2: - Company Account- Financial Management- Arabic Language for Muamalat- Islamic Banking Operations- Islamic Banking Product and Services- Islamic Capital Market- Islamic Economics- Islamic Financial Systems- Islamic Law of Contracts- Business Research Methods- Shariah and Islamic Jurisprudence- Structuring Financial Requirements for Islamic Financial Institutions Year 3:- Accounting for Islamic Financial Institutions- Corporate Finance- Financial Derivatives- Investigation in Islamic Banking and Finance- Islamic Ethics and Corporate Governance- Islamic Legal Framework of Islamic Banking and Finance- Managing Islamic Financial Institutions- Portfolio Management- Project in Islamic Banking and Finance- Risk Management of Islamic Financial Institutions- Takaful
Entry Requirements
There are a number of different entry reuiqrements for this Bachelor depening on where you come from in the world. Some of the entry requirements are:- 2 passes at A Level with a credit pass at O Level/GCSE which should include Maths; OR- 5 grade B's in UEC which should include Maths; OR- Canadian Pre-Univeristy with a minimum grade of 50%; OR- International Bacculaureate with a minimym of 24 marks.
Malaysian students: Malaysian Ringgit 66,000 + £570 International students: Malaysian Ringgit 68,400 (USD 21,390) + £570
Full Time / Part Time
Full Time
3 years
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Last Update: 19 February 2016