Certified Islamic Investment Analyst at International Institute of Islamic Business and Finance (IIIBF)

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Course Content
Level 1: Sources of Islamic Financial Law, Islamic Law of Financial Contracts - 1, Islamic Law of Financial Contracts - II, Islamic Financial System - I, Islamic Financial System - II, Islamic Monetary and Macroeconomic Management Level 2: Islamic Commercial Banking: Products & Services, Islamic Commercial Banking: Operations & Management, Islamic Microfinance, Islamic Investment Banking, Project Appraisal & Investment Decisions, Accounting Standards & Regulations for Islamic Banks, Information Technology for Islamic FIs, Marketing of Islamic Financial Services, Total Quality Management & Business Process Reengineering for Islamic FIs, Supervised Project - I, Supervised Project - II
Entry Requirements
To qualify for entry to the Certified Islamic Investment Analyst, applicants normally must: Have completed at least first two years of a recognized four-year undergraduate degree or equivalent in field of economics, commerce, business, accounting, law and related areas; preferably be part of the banking and financial services industry; have appropriate resources to facilitate ready access to the Internet (check this by visiting our Technical Page); have ready access to a personal e-mail address; and have the skills required to access and manipulate materials delivered electronically. Persons meeting the above requirements will be required to complete twelve credit points of approved study to be awarded Certified Islamic Investment Analyst (CeIIA).
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Last Update: 19 February 2016