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Maybank Islamic Global Connect Forum - Concept Booklet

IM Insights
By IM Insights
2 years ago
Maybank Islamic Global Connect Forum - Concept Booklet

Halal, Islamic banking, Shariah, Sukuk

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  1. Driving Sustainable Impact Through Islamic Finance 21 – 23 March 2022 Strategic Partner
  2. Outline 1 Sustainability As A Catalyst for Growth 5 Programme 2 Halal Economy In A Snapshot 6 Expected Impact 3 Global Connect Forum 7 The Platform 4 Objectives 8 The Organiser © IslamicMarkets Limited
  3. Sustainability As A Catalyst for Growth 90 % of executives believe that sustainability is important. However, only 60% of companies have a sustainability strategy.* The ISLAMIC FINANCE industry is leading the way in adopting sustainable practices while the HALAL ECONOMY is lagging. COVID-19 has highlighted that incorporating ESG CONSIDERATIONS into business models and metrics is crucial if we are to accelerate the growth of the Halal economy and Islamic finance. “ Both the Halal economy and Islamic finance industries are outperforming growth projections, with demand largely around the world, accounting for roughly 25% of the global population. This presents opportunities for players in the Islamic finance industry to capitalise on. Dato’ Mohamed Rafique Merican THE GLOBAL CONNECT FORUM will showcase groundbreaking ideas, Group CEO, insights and key actionable steps from leading experts with regards to the integration of sustainability, unlocking opportunities for businesses, financial institutions, professionals and other stakeholders in the Halal economy and the Islamic finance industry. Islamic Banking, Maybank Source: Investing for A Sustainable Future, MIT Sloan Management Review © IslamicMarkets Limited
  4. Halal Economy In A Snapshot – Global Overview Halal Economy and Islamic Finance 2024 Outlook Potential Growth by 2030 Source: State of the Global Islamic Economy Report 2020/21,Dinar Standard Drivers of and Barriers to ESG Integration Top 5 Countries by Islamic Finance Assets Different ESG issues drive/impact different sectors Lack of understanding of ESG Investment opportunities Asset flows/client demands Lack of standardisation of ESG Limited understanding of how data are analysed Cost of ESG Asset allocation Lack of regulation/incentives Regulation Source: ESG Integration and Islamic Finance: Complementary Investment Approaches, CFA Institute Barriers Drivers Investor demand #1 IRAN #2 SAUDI ARABIA #3 MALAYSIA #4 UAE #5 QATAR USD 698 Bn USD 629 Bn USD 571 Bn USD 234 Bn USD 144 Bn Source: State of the Global Islamic Economy Report 2020/21,Dinar Standard
  5. Global Connect Forum 21 - 23 March 2022 2 - 6 p .m. (MYT) Attendees Virtual event hosted on IslamicMarkets TV 3 … By Invitation Only Styles • • • • • • International Business Leaders Policymakers Shariah Advisors Researchers Professionals Stakeholders in the Halal Economy The exchange of ideas and insights is presented through 3 highly interactive and engaging formats Core Streams Firms & Growth People & Network Future Technologies & Strategy Regulators & Policymakers Panel Discussions Special Addresses © IslamicMarkets Limited Fireside Chats
  6. Objectives With the theme DRIVING SUSTAINABLE IMPACT THROUGH ISLAMIC FINANCE , this Forum will enable a global conversation and collaboration on integrating sustainability and Islamic finance into the Halal economy. Firms & Growth People & Network To support businesses in scaling up and commercialising their products in a sustainable way through access to knowledge, Islamic financing and a global network. Future Technologies & Strategy To discuss global drivers of change, sustainability and development, as well as their implications for the Islamic economy. To create collaborative impact through the convergence of the Halal economy, sustainability and Islamic finance. Regulators & Policymakers To highlight global best practices and policies to address gaps in sustainability and Islamic finance. © IslamicMarkets Limited
  7. Programme Day 1 – 21 March 2022 4.45 – 5.30 P.M. (MYT) Panel Discussion | People & Networks 2.05 – 2.15 P.M. (MYT) Welcoming Remarks and Introduction to the Global Connect Forum 2.15 – 2.45 P.M. (MYT) Opening Address The Case for the Convergence of Sustainability, Islamic Finance and the Halal Economy Day 2 – 22 March 2022 2.45 – 3.30 P.M. (MYT) Panel Discussion | Firms & Growth 2.05 – 2.50 P.M. (MYT) Fireside Chat | Regulators & Policymakers 2.50 – 3.35 P.M. (MYT) Panel Discussion | Firms & Growth ESG Principles and Islamic Finance: Hype or Force for Good? 15-Minute Break 3.45 – 4.15 P.M. (MYT) Special Address | Firms & Growth 4.15 – 4.45 P.M. (MYT) Special Address | People & Networks Building A Connected Global Halal Ecosystem Global Halal Markets: How Do We Create Real Impact? 15-Minute Break The Role of Leadership and Organisational Structure in Instilling Sustainability Wealth Distribution and Social Justice: An Islamic Heritage Through the Ages Reimagining Capitalism and the Role of Islamic Finance 3.50 – 4.20 P.M. (MYT) Fireside Chat | Firms & Growth Unlocking Long Term Growth: Drivers of Digital Economy © IslamicMarkets Limited
  8. Programme Day 2 – 22 March 2022 3.50 – 4.35 P.M. (MYT) Fireside Chat | Firms & Growth 4.35 – 5.20 P.M. (MYT) Panel Discussion | Future Technologies & Strategy 5.20 – 6.05 P.M. (MYT) Panel Discussion | Future Technologies & Strategy Unlocking Long Term Growth: Drivers of Digital Economy Blockchain: Bridging the Gap between Halal Trade and Traceability Ethical Financing Paving the Way for Financial Inclusion Day 3 – 23 March 2022 2.05 – 2.50 P.M. (MYT) 2.50 – 3.35 P.M. Panel Discussion | Future Technologies & Strategy Industry 4.0 Technologies and How They Will Impact the (MYT) Halal Economy Panel Discussion | Firms & Growth Building Businesses in A Digital Age: Lessons from Tech Leaders 5-Minute Break 3.40 – 4.25 P.M. (MYT) Panel Discussion | Future Technologies & Strategy 4.25 – 5.10 P.M. (MYT) Panel Discussion | Future Technologies & Strategy 5.10 – 5.25 P.M. (MYT) Panel Discussion | Future Technologies & Strategy Islamic Fintech: Trends, Growth Segments and Gaps Integration of Sustainable Practices Across the Global Halal Supply Chain Beyond Global Connect Forum 2022: Charting Our Way Forward © IslamicMarkets Limited
  9. Expected Impact Catalysing the Integration of Sustainability into the Islamic Economy Aligning Islamic Finance with the Halal Economy Driving Positive Change in Global Policies and Standards Meaningful dialogues to further solidify the convergence of sustainable practices with the Halal economy Increasing awareness and adoption of Islamic financial instruments to accelerate the growth of Halal businesses Supporting regulators in streamlining policies and standards for the sustainable development of the Halal economy and Islamic finance © IslamicMarkets Limited
  10. IslamicMarkets Platform ACCESS powerful tools on ISLAMICMARKETS .COM to help you NAVIGATE the GLOBAL HALAL ECONOMY Global Halal Forum A global forum that creates collaborative impact for the Halal economy Global Connect Forum News An up-to-date feed dedicated to highlighting the latest developments in the market Capacity Building On-demand practitioner-led learning solutions with 300+ modules CONNECT Data Access to insightful data and financial intelligence A one-stop platform dedicated to providing the latest market insights and networking opportunities as well as supporting institutions in their capacity building efforts Connecting with the Market Collaboration and networking tool Projects A space for institutions to meet and collaborate for the growth of the Halal economy Monitors Easy access to data, insights, learning content and the global community in the Halal economy all in one place Briefing Notes Summaries of live sessions capturing the main discussion points and actionable steps Insights A broadcasting platform facilitating the sharing of key insights by global industry leaders and experts in an interactive environment © IslamicMarkets Limited
  11. Intermediating Sustainable Finance Maybank Islamic Berhad , the Islamic banking arm of the Maybank Group, is the leading provider of Islamic financial products and services in ASEAN. As one of the industry’s global leaders, Maybank Islamic spearheads the Islamic banking and finance industry through cross-border business in retail and investment banking and the development of new, innovative and competitive propositions. Maybank Islamic's aspirations and ambitions to remain a global player in the industry is backed by its Center of Excellence with the aim of becoming a thought leader in the industry in promoting the convergence of the Halal economy, sustainability and Islamic finance, paving the way for the next phase of growth in Islamic finance. Maybank Islamic remains committed to developing products that are centred on addressing customers’ needs, and sustainable practices that leave a positive impact on the wider community whilst further intensifying cross-border linkages across the world. Leading 400+ ASEAN bank and largest Islamic commercial bank In Malaysia branches across Malaysia and global presence in Indonesia, Singapore, London and Middle East Industry Icon Robust that continues to lead the market by developing new, creative, and competitive offers Shariah governance and rigorous risk management structure Syndicated Financing USD 800 Mn Joint Mandated Lead Arranger Targeting reduction of carbon footprint, among others, and supporting Shariah-compliant investments ESG Bond Trades USD 34 Mn Permanent Dealer Supporting ESG-themed and social housing projects Sovereign Sukuk USD 2.5 Bn Principal Advisor and Joint Bookrunner USD 750 million green tranche for the financing or refinancing of green projects Sukuk Wakalah USD 165 Mn Sole Principal Advisor Funding Shariah-compliant business expansion and refinancing existing Islamic debt instruments © IslamicMarkets Limited
  12. Creating Collaborative Impact UNLOCKING THE ISLAMIC ECONOMY IslamicMarkets .com is a leading learning, financial intelligence and collaboration platform for the $5 trillion global Islamic economy. Access a wide range of actionable content and tools from Sukuk markets and companies to comprehensive industry reports, regional project opportunities and the largest network of investors from across the world. Tailor your investment experience based around your needs and deploy the platform’s suite of learning and analytical tools to better understand opportunities in global Islamic markets. London Kuala Lumpur 10 St Bride Street Block 3, Level 5 EC4A 4AD London Wisma Star United Kingdom 1 Jalan Yap Kwan Seng 53300 Kuala Lumpur Wilayah Persekutuan Malaysia islamicmarkets.c om $5,000,000,000,000 ISLAMICMARKETS.COM