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iE5 Member Services Announced!

Harris Irfan
iE5 Member Services Announced!

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1 year ago
Ace Financial Advisory Limited

Interesting. Is it a UK entrepreneurial seed funding competition endorsed by the Department for International Trade (DIT) https://www.gov.uk/tier-1-entrepreneur/a...? (edited)

1 year ago
Gateway Global LLP

We are not part of the DIT seed competition. However through the UK Islamic FinTech Panel which is supported by DIT and other UK government departments, iE5 has access to DIT.


  1. The Ethical-Islamic Economy Accelerator for Start-Ups and Early Stage Businesses
  2. The Ethical-Islamic Economy Accelerator for Start-Ups and Early Stage Businesses If you are an entrepreneur working in the ethical , sustainable or Islamic economy, and creating a start-up or running an early stage business, iE5 is the world’s first global accelerator dedicated to your ethical-Islamic business. Take your business idea from concept to reality, from “bootstrapped” to “series A”, or from garage/office to globally branded unicorn! Select from a range of options that might include: drafting a shareholders’ agreement, incorporating your business and setting up payroll and accounting services; writing a business plan or an investment pitch deck; drafting employment contracts and confidentiality agreements; registering trade marks and protecting your intellectual property; or raising debt and equity finance. iE5 caters for businesses at varying stages and with varying budgets. Our in-house experts each have on average two decades of experience at multinational professional services firms, and deliver the highest quality commercial, legal and technical guidance to iE5 member companies at an affordable price. Our partner firms are globally networked and provide specialist legal, commercial, technical and Shari’a services across 22 countries. 2
  3. We o ffer you three dynamic options to propel your business forward: Registered Entrepreneur Full Member - StartUp Programme Premium Member ScaleUp Programme 3
  4. Registered Entrepreneur - Join our global community for free . Registered Entrepreneur is our freeview service. iE5 runs on the IslamicMarkets platform, which is used by over 250,000 individuals across the world. Simply register your name and details and gain immediate free access to: • A global network of entrepreneurs and advisors discussing the Islamic economy in our chat forums • Cutting edge articles for start-ups and early stage businesses • Webinars from top Islamic economy practitioners All Registered Entrepreneurs receive a 10% discount on professional services provided by leading Islamic economy firm Gateway. Full Member – StartUp Programme The StartUp Programme is tailored for start-ups and early stage businesses in the ethical-Islamic market. Following a friendly evaluation process to determine if we can help you turn your concept into reality, Full Members are allocated a dedicated iE5 account manager and are inducted into the Programme. Full Members receive the same benefits as Registered Entrepreneurs and are additionally, entitled to 20 credits from the Services Matrix: you decide how and when to spend them over the course of the year. Choose from: • Consultations - 30 minutes each over the phone or Skype on a whole variety of business, finance, legal and technology subjects • Access to a range of legal and non-legal documents most commonly needed by startups • 1 hour face-to-face consultations with our world class experts in residence in London On selection to the StartUp Programme, your account manager will conduct a free initial conference call with you to understand your needs, map out a start-up strategy and ensure the optimum use of the Programme. Every three months, we will organise a further free conference call with one of our in-house experts to assess your progress and guide you on any challenges your business is encountering. It’s like having your own advisory board in-house for a fraction of the true cost. Full Member annual subscription: £500 up front fee (or payable in 12 monthly instalments at £50). You can also purchase additional credits as ‘booster packages’ (single booster, 10 credits, £300; double booster, 20 credits, £500). Alternatively, in some circumstances, and subject to terms, we may be prepared to take equity in your business as partial or full payment of the subscription. Full Members also receive a 15% discount on professional services provided by leading Islamic economy firm Gateway. 4
  5. Premium Member – ScaleUp Programme Feed the unicorn! Our ScaleUp Programme is for Premium Members who have typically graduated from our StartUp Programme. Premium Members have access to iE5’s full suite of proprietary accelerator services, specially designed by iE5 for the ethical-Islamic economy. We induct an annual cohort of just 20-25 high performance businesses into this Programme. Premium Members are selected for the quality of their management, their drive, ambition and motivation, the quality of their products and their potential. They will normally have previously demonstrated exceptional progress as Full Members. New applicants may also seek entry to the ScaleUp Programme, and will be subject to similar evaluation criteria as Full Members graduating up from our StartUp Programme. Via this Programme, you will have access to some of the world’s most recognised and influential professionals in the global Islamic economy. iE5 and its partners can provide bespoke advice and professional services from nonexecutive directors, CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CTOs, investment bankers, regulators, general counsel and solicitors, accountants and auditors, Shari’a scholars, advisers to the board and many other professionals who will actively participate in your business and ensure its success. Choose from over 50 dedicated Islamic economy professionals across 22 countries. Whatever the nature of your business, whatever its stage of growth, we have the experts on hand to actively assist you! Amongst many other things, we ensure that your business has a robust and executable business plan, high quality proposals for raising finance, strong internal management and control systems and first class legal documentation. See our Services Matrix for more details. We are also able to introduce you to our unmatched global network of contacts: banks, sovereign wealth funds, family offices, high net worth individuals, private equity funds, venture capitalists – as well as help build your customer base and promote your business. We can work with you on bespoke transactions, like helping you structure and negotiate a finance facility, or an asset acquisition. How do we charge? We make an initial free assessment of your needs and give you an itemised ‘baseline price’. The likelihood is we will offer you the option of the baseline fee or the option of an equity ownership position in your business to off-set the baseline charges. Often, we will offer you a combination of fees and equity – so you get to decide what is best for you. All participants in the ScaleUp Programme receive a 20% discount on professional services provided by leading Islamic economy firm Gateway. 5
  6. Services Matrix All consultations are 30 minute sessions , unless otherwise indicated. 6
  7. Consultations No . of credits Documents No. of credits 1 UK company vehicle selection and formation 1 Positioning your product in the halal/ethical market 1 Articles of association 1 Establishing a place of business in the UK 1 Shareholder, co-founder or partnership agreements 3 Establishing a place of business in / selling into the GCC region 2 Share subscription agreements 3 Trade mark registration 2 Template business plan 4 Template investment pitch deck 4 Data processing, data hosting and other IT agreements 3 Assessment of product viability Guidance on/ review of business plan 2 Guidance on/ review of investment pitch deck 2 Setting up and managing a board 2 Directors’ duties and shareholder rights 2 Terms and conditions for e-commerce 3 Setting up accounting, billing and payroll* 2 Confidentiality agreements 1 Raising equity via private equity, venture capital and angel investors 2 Employment contracts / consulting agreements 2 Raising debt finance 2 Template employee handbook 3 Offering equity in return for finance 2 Offering security in return for finance 2 ScaleUp Programme Services: Intellectual property – protection and exploitation 2 Domain name and trade mark advice 2 All services in the StartUp Programme are available to Premium Members with an enhanced degree of sophistication appropriate for your more mature business, and tailored to your needs. In addition, the following bespoke services are available, with scope and terms to be discussed and agreed: Privacy policy, data protection policies and GDPR compliance 2 Selling your business 2 Dealing with the Financial Conduct Authority 2 Corporate governance and compliance (incl AML) 2 Recruitment advice 2 Corporate immigration advice – PBS advice (tiers 1 and 2) 2 Lease negotiation 2 Commercial disputes 3 Advice on outsourcing 2 Franchising, licensing and agency 2 Merging with or acquiring a company 3 Joint venture / partnership / corporate cooperation guidance 3 Real estate sourcing and investments (UK market) 3 Evaluating, selecting and appointing website developer 2 Evaluating, selecting and appointing digital marketing agency 2 Evaluating, selecting and appointing software and data management development teams 3 Additional Tech Services Dedicated company page on the iE5 website powered by IslamicMarkets.com IslamicMarkets.com PRO package (further details on request) Ongoing management support for software and data management 3 Executive and staff training Review and implement business process improvements 3 Review and implement cybersecurity software and risk mitigation technology 2 Guidance on AI and machine learning for customer support 3 Guidance on blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) for business 3 Initial guidance on Shari’a compliance of non-financial products 2 Initial guidance on Shari’a compliant financial products 3 Face to face meeting in London (1 hour) 7 *full bookkeeping and audit operations are provided at an additional cost by our preferred supplier if requested. Additional Commercial Services Financial structuring/ restructuring Raising debt finance including negotiating with your financier Dealing with the Financial Conduct Authority/ assistance with application process Dealing with AIM Lease negotiation Additional Legal Services Share schemes and tax support Sale and purchase agreements Joint venture / partnership / corporate cooperation agreements Financing/security agreements Lease agreements Intellectual property protection Real estate agreements Additional Shari’a Services Detailed guidance on Shari’a compliance of non-financial products Detailed guidance and structuring of Shari’a compliant financial products including review of legal documents Certification of Shari’a compliant financial products Monitoring of ongoing compliance with Shari’a (non-financial) Monitoring/audit of ongoing compliance (financial) Conversion of an existing conventional finance business If you require other bespoke services, your account manager will be happy to discuss these with you. 7
  8. OUR PARTNERS iE5 ’s partnership with Gateway LLP, Elipses and IslamicMarkets allows us to offer a comprehensive professional service offering. Gateway is global multidisciplinary professional services firm, exclusively dedicated to the Islamic economy. Gateway’s senior executives are globally recognised thought leaders in Islamic finance and the Islamic economy, creating an all-inclusive professional services offering that spans law, banking, finance, management consultancy, private equity, accountancy, financial technology and regulation. Headquartered in London, Gateway works seamlessly across four continents and currently has 15 partners and over 50 consultants in 22 countries. Elipses is a digital research, advisory and investment firm. Its partners are experts in developing innovation ecosystems, having built and run large blue chip corporate innovation programmes, founded and scaled start-ups to exit, and developed and run industry communities focused on innovation. Elipses clients are at the forefront of digital innovation, developing the next generation of digital businesses in the Islamic, crypto and conventional economies. IslamicMarkets.com is the world’s most widely used online information, learning, financial intelligence and investing platform dedicated to the $4 trillion global Islamic economy. IslamicMarkets.com has 250,000 unique users, offering them data and market insights, research and publications, e-learning services, and global investor connectivity. IslamicMarkets is the technology partner for iE5. AdviserDirect is a professional advisory platform supporting the success of start-ups and SMEs in the UK with fast, easy and affordable access to qualified business advisers 7 days a week. Hampton Legal is a commercial law firm with presence in England as well as Scotland, frequently advising start-ups, SMEs and multinational corporations on a range of matters across various sectors. 8