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Amman Stock Exchange Daily Report - 5 April

IM Insights
By IM Insights
5 years ago
Amman Stock Exchange Daily Report - 5 April


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  1. Amman Stock Exchange 5-Apr-18 AMMAN SE GENERAL INDEX 2 ,300 Close % Change 2,217.12 0.38% Year-to-Date (YTD) 4.25% Daily Volume (shares) 5,224,139 Daily Turnover (JOD) 4,256,275 6 MONTHS INDEX PERFORMANCE 2,250 2,200 2,150 2,100 2,050 2,000 1,950 Best Performing Companies UNION TOBACCO & CIGARETTE REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT UNITED CABLE INDUSTRIES CO UNITED CABLE INDUSTRIES CO JORDAN STEEL Worst Performing Companies % Change 4.90 3.92 3.57 3.57 3.57 Top Traded Companies by Volume (Shares) SPECIALIZED INVESTMENT COMPO ARAB EAST INVESTMENT UNION INVESTMENT CORP CAPITAL BANK OF JORDAN OFFTEC HOLDING GROUP PLC * Source: Bloomberg 894,845 595,600 504,243 292,440 274,305 LAFARGE JORDAN CEMENT NUTRI DAR ARAB EAST FOR REAL ESTATE IN DEERA INVESTMENT & REAL ESTA SHIRA REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMEN - % Change (2.97) (3.33) (4.38) (4.60) (4.76) Top Traded Companies by Value (JOD) SPECIALIZED INVESTMENT COMPO UNION TOBACCO & CIGARETTE UNITED CABLE INDUSTRIES CO ARAB BANK PLC SURA DEVELOPMENT AND INVESTM 779,034 294,220 291,950 257,072 224,605
  2. Macroeconomic & Corporate News ‘Hybrid car traders expected to lose JD5,000 per car for zero demand’ Traders are expected to incur losses of between JD4,000 and JD5,000 for each hybrid vehicle that arrived in the Kingdom in the first two months of 2018, a sector leader said.Hybrid car buyers used to pay a reduced special sales tax of 25 per cent of the car's price instead of 55 per cent for regular fuel vehicles.The government decided to cancel the exemptions in 2012, but the decision kept getting postponed until this year, when the government announced the cancellation of the exemptions and an additional tax on all types of cars ranging between JD500 and JD1,500, calculated on the basis of the car’s weight,. The traders have no choice but to suffer the loss incurred by liquidating the vehicles as there is no demand for hybrid cars, Jordan Free Zone Investor Commission President Nabeel Rumman told The Jordan Times. Coalition launched to lobby MPs, gov’t on women’s rights in Labour Law The women’s movement in Jordan on Wednesday launched a coalition to work on increasing female participation in the labour market and ensure a safe environment for them.“Coalition Rights” comprises 9 women organisations in addition to unions and labour entities which seek to lobby the MPs and the government to amend certain articles in the Labour Law,” said Sadaqa executive board member Sahar Aloul during a press conference held at the General Federation for Labour Union (GFLU), stressing that “this aims to eliminate discrimination against women and boost their participation in the labour market”.Jordan was ranked 142 out of 144 countries in women’s labour force participation in the Gender Gap Index published by the World Economic Forum 2017. The index highlighted that most women in the Kingdom do not enter the job market or pull out for a brief period due to the barriers posed by the lack of daycares, access to transportation, and pay inequity. Second phase of World Bank project on social adaptation in Madaba launched The World Bank-funded project on municipal services for social adaptation on Wednesday organised two separate meetings with local women and youth in Madaba to listen to the local community’s needs and priorities.Under the second phase of the project, the World Bank allocated JD327,000 to the Greater Madaba Municipality to implement projects serving the local community and Syrian refugees, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.The project aims to help municipalities of host communities in providing required services and reduce the burdens imposed by the growing demand on these services.The first phase of the project included a grant of JD800,000 mostly spent on streets’ reconstruction. * Source: Bloomberg, Jordan Times, Zawya Disclaimer Awraq Investments and its affiliates obtain information from sources they believe to be reliable, but do not warrant its accuracy or fitness for a particular purpose, and disclaim for themselves and their information providers all liability arising from the use. The Information in this publication is provided in good faith for informational purposes only. The information provided is not offered as tax, legal, or investment advice, or an offer to buy or sell securities or otherwise. The information provided in this publication may be displayed and printed for your personal, non-commercial use only. You may not reproduce, re-transmit, distribute, disseminate, sell, publish, broadcast, or circulate the information in any form or media to anyone, without the expressed written consent of Awraq Investments. Awraq Investments is not liable for any loss resulting from any action taken or reliance made by any person on any information or material posted by it. You should make your own inquiries and seek independent advice from relevant industry professionals before acting or relying on any information or material made available to you in this publication. You rely on this information at your own risk. Awraq Investments, its subsidiaries, parent, and/or any connected parties, may act or trade and/or enter into any transaction that maybe inconsistent or disregard any information contained herein.