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Amman Stock Exchange Daily Report - 3 April

IM Insights
By IM Insights
4 years ago
Amman Stock Exchange Daily Report - 3 April

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  1. Amman Stock Exchange 3-Apr-18 AMMAN SE GENERAL INDEX 2 ,300 Close % Change 2,209.19 0.27% Year-to-Date (YTD) 3.87% Daily Volume (shares) 7,247,945 Daily Turnover (JOD) 5,830,854 6 MONTHS INDEX PERFORMANCE 2,250 2,200 2,150 2,100 2,050 2,000 1,950 Best Performing Companies ITTIHAD SCHOOLS COMPANY AL FARIS NATIONAL COMP FOR I AL SANABEL INTERNATIONAL CO AL SANABEL INTERNATIONAL CO ISRAA ISLAMIC FINANCIAL Worst Performing Companies % Change 5.07 4.07 3.90 3.90 2.94 Top Traded Companies by Volume (Shares) SURA DEVELOPMENT AND INVESTM AL-TAJAMOUAT FOR CATERING HS TUHAMA FOR FINANCIAL INVESTM JORDAN PHOSPHATE MINES JORDAN PHOSPHATE MINES * Source: Bloomberg 3,427,845 410,147 181,709 146,522 146,522 NUTRI DAR DEERA INVESTMENT & REAL ESTA AL AMAL FINANCIAL INVESTMENT REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT PHILADELPHIA - INTL EDUCATION % Change (3.23) (3.41) (3.57) (3.70) (6.19) Top Traded Companies by Value (JOD) SURA DEVELOPMENT AND INVESTM ARAB BANK PLC JORDAN PHOSPHATE MINES UNION TOBACCO & CIGARETTE CAIRO AMMAN BANK 1,234,024 827,808 446,622 339,749 250,815
  2. Macroeconomic & Corporate News Unsold apartments since 2015 valued at JD1b Housing developers will hold a week-long work strike to be followed by a sit-in to protest the recently endorsed building by-law, which they said would lead to further decline in trading in the sector.On April 22, the country's 3,400 housing companies will stop their construction activities for a week in protest to the by-law, which will go into effect on May 1, Zuhair Omari, president of the Jordan Housing Developers Association (JHDA), told The Jordan Times on Monday.The sector, which employs tens of thousands of Jordanians, has been witnessing a decline in demand since 2015.The total value of apartments that were built since 2015 to date and have not been sold yet is estimated at JD1 billion, he said. Petra visitor figures hit 8-year high in March The total number of visitors to Petra and Jerash, Jordan's key tourist destinations, increased during March by around 50 per cent, compared to the same month of last year, according to officials. In Petra, the total number of visitors from all nationalities reached 85,897, including 67,655 foreign visitors, 13,213 Arab and Jordanians and 5,029 school students and fee-exempted groups, according to Petra Development and Tourism Region Authority (PDTRA). The number of foreign visitors increased by 60 per cent, while the number of Arabs and Jordanians rose by 44 per cent, PDTRA Chief Commissioner Falah Omoush told The Jordan Times on Sunday.For Jerash, an ancient Roman town, the total number of visitors from all nationalities was 23,950, compared to 16,750 in March 2017, recording a 50 per cent increase, according to Director of Jerash Antiquities Ziad Ghunimat.Ticket revenues increased to JD170,150 last month compared with JD110,500 in March 2017, Ghunimat told The Jordan Times on Sunday. In 2017, the total number of visitors to Jerash, 45km north of Amman, reached 202,850, including 73,050 Jordanians and 129,800 non-Jordanians, with revenues that amounted to JD1038,400, said Ghunimat. Iraqi investor becomes first to receive citizenship under new incentive scheme Approval was issued on Monday for an Iraqi investor to obtain Jordanian nationality under an incentives scheme introduced by the government recently, a government official said on Monday.A special ministerial committee involving all concerned authorities issued the approval for the Iraqi investor after he met all conditions to obtain citizenship after making a deposit in the Central Bank of Jordan and buying Treasury bonds, Minister of State for Investment Affairs and Jordan Investment Commission (JIC) Chairman Muhannad Shehadeh told The Jordan Times in a phone interview on Monday.“The Iraqi investor will be the first investor to obtain citizenship under the new incentive system that we introduced in February of this year,” the minister added.Approvals for other investors to obtain the Jordanian nationality will be issued in ten days, the minister said.“The fastest track to obtain the nationality is through making a deposit in the CBJ and buying Treasury bonds…we are keen to ensure high efficiency in the implementation of this measure,” the minister stressed. * Source: Bloomberg, Jordan Times, Zawya Disclaimer Awraq Investments and its affiliates obtain information from sources they believe to be reliable, but do not warrant its accuracy or fitness for a particular purpose, and disclaim for themselves and their information providers all liability arising from the use. The Information in this publication is provided in good faith for informational purposes only. The information provided is not offered as tax, legal, or investment advice, or an offer to buy or sell securities or otherwise. The information provided in this publication may be displayed and printed for your personal, non-commercial use only. You may not reproduce, re-transmit, distribute, disseminate, sell, publish, broadcast, or circulate the information in any form or media to anyone, without the expressed written consent of Awraq Investments. Awraq Investments is not liable for any loss resulting from any action taken or reliance made by any person on any information or material posted by it. You should make your own inquiries and seek independent advice from relevant industry professionals before acting or relying on any information or material made available to you in this publication. You rely on this information at your own risk. Awraq Investments, its subsidiaries, parent, and/or any connected parties, may act or trade and/or enter into any transaction that maybe inconsistent or disregard any information contained herein.