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Amman Stock Exchange Daily Report - 18 February

IB Insights
By IB Insights
4 years ago
Amman Stock Exchange Daily Report - 18 February

Ard, Salam

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  1. Amman Stock Exchange 18-Feb-18 AMMAN SE GENERAL INDEX 2 ,180 Close % Change 2,248.60 1.01% Year-to-Date (YTD) 5.73% Daily Volume (shares) 4,040,038 Daily Turnover (JOD) 5,530,849 6 MONTHS INDEX PERFORMANCE 2,160 2,140 2,120 2,100 2,080 2,060 2,040 2,020 Best Performing Companies AL-ISRA FOR EDUCATION & INV ARAB POTASH/THE CAPITAL BANK OF JORDAN SALAM INTL TRANSPORT & TRAD ARAB FINANCIAL INVEST CO Worst Performing Companies % Change 7.50 7.45 6.67 5.00 4.55 Top Traded Companies by Value (JOD) REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT ARAB BANK PLC RUM TOURIST TRANSPORTATION C JORDAN PETROLEUM REFINERY CO SALAM INTL TRANSPORT & TRAD * Source: Bloomberg 1,186,630 242,820 182,142 160,821 115,300 REAL ESTATE & INVESTME/THE ALIA THE ROYAL JORDANIAN AIR JORDANIAN PHARMACEUTICAL MAN LAFARGE JORDAN CEMENT UNIVERSAL MODERN INDUSTRIES % Change (3.48) (3.57) (4.44) (4.50) (6.91) Top Traded Companies by Volume (Shares) ARAB BANK PLC REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT JORDAN PETROLEUM REFINERY CO JORDAN PHOSPHATE MINES JORDAN DUTY FREE SHOP 1,580,138 498,670 455,573 258,097 230,722
  2. Macroeconomic & Corporate News Potash company reports JD90.4m in net profits in 2017 Arab Potash Company (APC) has announced a net profit of around JD90 million in 2017, an increase of 41 per cent compared with 2016.In a statement to The Jordan Times, APC said that after taxes, provisions and mining royalties, its net profits during 2017 increased by 41 per cent to JD90.4 million, compared with JD63.9 million in 2016.APC Chairperson Jamal Sarayrah was quoted in the statement as attributing the main reasons for the rising profits to the increase in the quantities of potash sold, as well as the noticeable rise in the profits of derivative industries, specifically the sales of the KEMAPCO (a subsidiary) and APC’s share of profits of affiliate derivative industries, specifically the Jordan Bromine Company. Marches continue across Kingdom against price hikes Citizens staged rallies and sits-in on Friday in Amman and other regions to protest against the recent government decisions to increase prices, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.The protesters urged the government to reconsider its decisions and to work on improving the living standards of Jordanians.In Amman, the protesters marched from Husseini Mosque to Al Nakhil Square, calling for finding other alternatives to support the national economy and address the budget deficit rather than "resorting to citizens' pockets".The expressed their rejection of the rise in bread prices and the new taxes imposed on basic commodities Tawjihi results announced Results of the Tawjihi (General Secondary Education Certificate Examination) winter session were released on Saturday.Education Minister Omar Razzaz on Saturday announced the results of the 2018 Tawjihi winter session in a press conference on Saturday, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.Of the 175,943 students who registered for the session, 150,502 sat for the exam, including 89,441 regular students and 76,021 private-study applicants, whose pass rate reached 66.1 per cent, Razzaz said. * Source: Bloomberg, Jordan Times, Zawya Disclaimer Awraq Investments and its affiliates obtain information from sources they believe to be reliable, but do not warrant its accuracy or fitness for a particular purpose, and disclaim for themselves and their information providers all liability arising from the use. The Information in this publication is provided in good faith for informational purposes only. The information provided is not offered as tax, legal, or investment advice, or an offer to buy or sell securities or otherwise. The information provided in this publication may be displayed and printed for your personal, non-commercial use only. You may not reproduce, re-transmit, distribute, disseminate, sell, publish, broadcast, or circulate the information in any form or media to anyone, without the expressed written consent of Awraq Investments. Awraq Investments is not liable for any loss resulting from any action taken or reliance made by any person on any information or material posted by it. You should make your own inquiries and seek independent advice from relevant industry professionals before acting or relying on any information or material made available to you in this publication. You rely on this information at your own risk. Awraq Investments, its subsidiaries, parent, and/or any connected parties, may act or trade and/or enter into any transaction that maybe inconsistent or disregard any information contained herein.