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Amman Stock Exchange Daily Report - 11 April

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By IM Insights
4 years ago
Amman Stock Exchange Daily Report - 11 April

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  1. Amman Stock Exchange 11-Apr-18 AMMAN SE GENERAL INDEX 2 ,300 Close % Change 2,217.81 -0.74% Year-to-Date (YTD) 4.28% Daily Volume (shares) 4,345,958 Daily Turnover (JOD) 4,352,776 6 MONTHS INDEX PERFORMANCE 2,250 2,200 2,150 2,100 2,050 2,000 1,950 Best Performing Companies ITTIHAD SCHOOLS COMPANY JORDAN DAIRY HOUSING BANK FOR TRADE AND F COMPREHENSIVE LAND DEVELOPME COMPREHENSIVE LAND DEVELOPME Worst Performing Companies % Change 5.80 4.85 4.65 3.90 3.90 Top Traded Companies by Volume (Shares) SURA DEVELOPMENT AND INVESTM SPECIALIZED INVESTMENT COMPO UNITED CABLE INDUSTRIES CO CAPITAL BANK OF JORDAN CENTURY INVESTMENT GROUP * Source: Bloomberg 1,070,603 972,849 276,389 134,420 110,732 NUTRI DAR UNION LAND DEVELOPMENT CORP REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT FIRST JORDAN INVESTMENT CO AFAQ HOLDING - FOR INVESTMENT % Change (3.39) (3.48) (3.85) (4.65) (4.91) Top Traded Companies by Value (JOD) SPECIALIZED INVESTMENT COMPO SURA DEVELOPMENT AND INVESTM ARAB BANK PLC CENTURY INVESTMENT GROUP JORDAN PETROLEUM REFINERY CO 974,898 423,496 359,723 247,535 210,591
  2. Macroeconomic & Corporate News Arab financial institutions’ meeting opens at Dead Sea Deputising for His Majesty King Abdullah, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State for Economic Affairs Jafar Hassan on Tuesday inaugurated the Joint Annual Meeting of the Arab Financial Institutions.In addition to the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, the financial institutions include the Arab Investment and Export Credit Guarantee Corporation, Arab Monetary Fund, Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa and Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment and Development.The event, held on the shores of the Dead Sea, has attracted the participation of Arab ministers of finance and planning and representatives of central banks, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported. Any changes to social security bill require ILO nod There are no plans to amend the Social Security Corporation Law and any possible changes to the law will have to go through the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and undergo thorough scrutiny, the General Federation of Jordanian Trade Unions (GFJTU) said on Tuesday.Mahmoud Al Btoush, representative of the 200,000-strong union and board member of the Social Security Corporation (SSC), denied the existence of any plan to change the law.His remarks came in response to “groundless” reports circulated by some media which went viral on various social media platforms.“There have been some suggestions that have not been heeded. That’s all,” the unionist said, adding: “The ILO assessment is necessary to protect the rights of all” subscribers to the corporation.Founded in 1954, the federation is the sole trade union centre in the country, serving as an umbrella for 17 affiliated unions. Group of MPs wants cancelled FTA with Turkey reactivate A group of MPs on Tuesday called on the government to reactivate the recently-suspended Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Turkey.In a memorandum they submitted to the Lower House permanent office to be forwarded to the government, a total of 20 deputies called for reactivating the FTA with Turkey, citing Jordan's needs of such an agreement in light of the border closures as a result of turbulent surrounding.The government in March suspended the FTA with Turkey, citing Ankara's failure to meet its commitments under the partnership agreement that went into effect in 2011. The government at the time said that the decision came came to “support the industrial, agricultural and productive sectors in Jordan and render them more competitive locally and overseas”.Expressing dissatisfaction over the government's justifications to cancel the FTA with Turkey "because not based on real evaluation", signatories of the memo, a copy of which was seen by The Jordan Times, said that the decision "came abruptly and without prior warning".They also said that the validating reasons for signing the FTA with Turkey were the "exact opposite" of the validating reasons for cancelling it. * Source: Bloomberg, Jordan Times, Zawya Disclaimer Awraq Investments and its affiliates obtain information from sources they believe to be reliable, but do not warrant its accuracy or fitness for a particular purpose, and disclaim for themselves and their information providers all liability arising from the use. The Information in this publication is provided in good faith for informational purposes only. The information provided is not offered as tax, legal, or investment advice, or an offer to buy or sell securities or otherwise. The information provided in this publication may be displayed and printed for your personal, non-commercial use only. You may not reproduce, re-transmit, distribute, disseminate, sell, publish, broadcast, or circulate the information in any form or media to anyone, without the expressed written consent of Awraq Investments. Awraq Investments is not liable for any loss resulting from any action taken or reliance made by any person on any information or material posted by it. You should make your own inquiries and seek independent advice from relevant industry professionals before acting or relying on any information or material made available to you in this publication. You rely on this information at your own risk. Awraq Investments, its subsidiaries, parent, and/or any connected parties, may act or trade and/or enter into any transaction that maybe inconsistent or disregard any information contained herein.