Haqq al-ijaratain

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Definition of "Haqq al-ijaratain"

Lit: Dual-lease right. Tech: Relating to the law of waqf, refers to the arrangement whereby the lessee makes a large down payment almost equal to the value of the waqf building and an annual nominal rent (may be equal to 2–3 per thousand of the value). The waqf is required to use the lump sum amount for the renovation, repair and restoration of the waqf building. The building remains the property of the waqf, but the lessee has the right to use it till the time he pays the annual rent. After his death, the property passes on to his heirs except that when there is no heir, it reverts back to the waqf. It is very similar to hikr or hukr except that in the case of the latter, the waqf has the freedom to use the lump sum amount in any manner it likes. But in this case, the lump sum must be used for the renovation and repair of the waqf building to be used by the lessee.

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