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Definition of "Al-falah"

Lit: To thrive, to become happy, to have luck or success. Tech: It implies success in the ’Akhirah (hereafter). Al-falah presumes belief in one God, apostlehood of Muhammad, life in the ’Akhirah and compliance with the shari‘ah standards in everyday behaviour. The Islamic state is responsible for creating such conditions, which should facilitate achievement of the al-falah at individual and collective levels. The spiritual conditions of al-falah are: humility in prayers, consciousness of God (taqwa), remembrance of God, thanksgiving to God, repentance and inner purification. Economic conditions for al-falah are: spending to promote social welfare (zakah and ’infaq) avoiding riba, fulfilling covenants, avoiding exploitation, earning livelihood through hard work and avoiding miserliness. Cultural conditions of al-falah are: a system of prayers, pursuit of knowledge, sexual chastity, prohibition of intoxicants and gambling, purification of environments, enjoining of the proper and prohibition of the improper and avoiding frivolities. Political conditions of al-falah are: jihad and shura (consultation). Islamic economics studies the economic conditions of al-falah. Al-falah is a both-worldly concept. It implies reconstruction of human character in the light of Islamic values, while providing a minimum standard of living and clean environments to the entire population. It also suggests self-respect, self-reliance and a purified soul.

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