Convenes Global Experts for LIVE Webinars Platform Convenes Global Experts for LIVE Webinars Platform
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23 April 2020: (“IslamicMarkets”) is launching a LIVE Webinars platform for the global Islamic economy that will convene leading experts and market practitioners to address the key issues facing economies, firms and society.

IslamicMarkets’ inaugural webinar session titled What COVID-19 Means for the Global Islamic Economy: Threats & Opportunities, will be hosted on Wednesday 29 April 2020.

The LIVE Webinars platform offers:

  • Insightful and Topical Webinars: Access live sessions based on the latest development in the market to keep up with the fast-moving world.
  • Knowledge Development: Providing relevant knowledge in Islamic banking, capital markets, halal economy, fintech, sustainability and more, in real-time.
  • Experts Anywhere: Connect professionals with industry experts from all over the globe – accessing unrivalled levels of insights from leaders behind the market developments.

With COVID-19, unforeseen market conditions are causing unprecedented disruptions to traditional ways of doing business. This series of interactive webinars aims to support professionals and businesses engaged in the global Islamic economy.

“Being the largest platform of its kind, is uniquely placed to support this transition to new digital ways of doing business to better unlock commercial value, said Shakeeb Saqlain, Chief Executive Officer of IslamicMarkets. “This industry-led initiative will help firms operating in the Islamic economy navigate economic uncertainty.