HSBC Amanah Selects IslamicMarkets Enterprise Platform to Support Its Islamic Finance Operations

HSBC Amanah Selects IslamicMarkets Enterprise Platform to Support Its Islamic Finance Operations
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London and Kuala Lumpur, 19 April 2021: IslamicMarkets Limited (“IslamicMarkets”) has announced today that HSBC Amanah Malaysia Berhad (“HSBC Amanah”) has inked an agreement to subscribe to IslamicMarkets Enterprise, as part of the bank’s capacity building efforts and culture of continuous learning.

IslamicMarkets, the world's fastest growing platform for the $5 trillion global Islamic economy, offers a suite of solutions, leveraging on three core tools: IslamicMarkets IQ; IslamicMarkets Learning; and IM Messenger. These state-of-the-art applications provide unrivalled access to the global Islamic economy.

Moreover, as the pandemic has necessitated a rise in remote working, the IslamicMarkets platform bridges the gap in employees’ learning experience by providing access to a growing library of over 180 practitioner-led learning modules, the leading research platform for the Islamic economy, with daily market news and financial intelligence.

Ahmed Firas, Interim CEO and Head of Shariah, HSBC Amanah, said: “The people agenda remains a top priority for HSBC Amanah. We are investing in new skill-building activities and learning opportunities to help our colleagues proactively navigate their career prospects especially in this rapidly-evolving world. We are pleased to expand on the learning experience for our colleagues by partnering with IslamicMarkets. The content and learning material will help HSBC Amanah’s employees to expand their knowledge and more effectively manage Shariah compliance. In addition, the new information acquired would help us to accelerate our efforts to deliver HSBC Group’s first sustainable banking entity through HSBC Amanah.”

Shakeeb Saqlain, Chief Executive Officer of IslamicMarkets, said: “We are proud to partner with HSBC Amanah, one of the world’s pioneering Islamic financial institutions, to empower their employees with IslamicMarkets Enterprise. The Islamic finance industry is undergoing a digital transformation, and we are excited to be at the forefront in supporting the market with our robust technology infrastructure.”

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About HSBC Amanah

When it comes to Islamic finance, HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad (“HSBC Bank”) has led the way by becoming the first internationally-owned bank to launch an Islamic banking service in 1994. In 2008, HSBC Amanah Malaysia Berhad was the first internationally-owned bank to be incorporated as an Islamic banking subsidiary in Malaysia.

Since then, HSBC Amanah has led in developing the Islamic finance industry across product, proposition and future market development and is a recognised leader in Sukuk issuance, green and sustainable financing, and international transactions. HSBC Amanah complements HSBC Bank’s comprehensive banking and financing solutions, available to all its customers, by providing a full suite of innovative Islamic products and services to both retail and corporate customers.

In 2017, HSBC Amanah became a founding member of the Value-Based Intermediation (VBI) Community of Practitioners championed by Bank Negara Malaysia. The Bank has had numerous achievements and has won many notable accolades, the most recent being the Islamic ESG Bank of the Year award as part of The Asset Triple A Islamic Finance Awards 2020. For more information about HSBC Amanah, do visit: