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New University Campus Agadir, Agadir, Morocco
International Conference of Entrepreneurial Finance CIFEMA' 2018

International Conference of Entrepreneurial Finance CIFEMA' 2018

By National School of Commerce and Management, University Ibn Zohr of Agadir
06 Dec 2018 - 07 Dec 2018
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The international conference of entrepreneurial finance (CIFEMA) is an international platform that brings together researchers, experts and economic actors to discuss and exchange ideas about challenges and issues related to the Islamic finance industry.

In its sixth edition, and under the theme "Islamic Finance and Current Issues", the conference aims to explore the most important developments and issues affecting the qualitative growth of Islamic finance. The main topics that will be discussed in this edition: FinTech, Financial inclusion and Emerging markets, in order to answer questions related to the prospects of Islamic finance facing the rise of information and communication technology, its requirements for sustainable development and its ability to achieve future aspirations according to the pillars and rules of emerging financial markets.


Topic 1: FinTech and Islamic Finance
• Digital transformation strategy and the launch of financial technology
• Assess the current and future impacts of FinTech
• FinTech: applications, risks, life cycle of financial services
• Governance, Legal, Regulatory and Sharia’a Framework for Modern FinTech Services
• Exhibition of pioneering experiences in Islamic FinTechs
• Challenges and prospects for digital financial services in the Islamic financial industry
• The importance of financial and technological innovation in digital entrepreneurship.

Topic 2: Islamic Finance and Financial Inclusion
• Modern models of Waqf and charity
• Islamic microfinance against financial exclusion
• The Promising Role of Islamic Finance in developing Inclusive Financial Services
• The role of economic emancipation in financial and social inclusion
• The role of Zakat in financial inclusion and the fight against poverty
• The role of crowdfunding platforms in financial inclusion
• The role of mobile apps in financial inclusion
• Tools and indicators to measure the social and economic impact of Islamic social finance

Topic 3: Islamic Finance and Emerging Markets
• Benefits of Islamic financial products in new markets
• Challenges and prospects for the growth of Islamic financial industry in new markets
• Current Trends in African Emerging Markets
• Ability to adopt financial technologies by emerging markets
• Evolution of Emerging Financial Markets: Experiences and Conclusions
• Competitiveness of Islamic financial products compared to their traditional counterparts

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