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African Islamic FinTech Summit (SAIFI)

African Islamic FinTech Summit (SAIFI)

By International Islamic Finance Training Institute (IIFTI)
16 Mar 2019 - 17 Mar 2019
Event Details

The booming fintech industry is capturing traditional market share with its approach and is giving rise to an impressive array of new startups touching on services from payments to financing, asset management, insurance, and advice. Many calls for financial services companies have been made to tie up with fintech companies to leverage on their penetration levels, rather than compete head-on.

In Africa, the potential disruptions of technology to the Islamic finance sector cannot be underestimated. Encouragingly, we are seeing increasing number of fintech startups, innovation labs and incubators based on the values and principles of Islamic finance. However, they are not as visible and omnipresent as their conventional peers.

SAIFI will explore how the convergence of FinTech and Islamic Finance is contributing to the growth of Islamic African economic system and (ii) how FinTech is the key to capturing the next generation of African Islamic digital economy customers.

SAIFI represents the first African Islamic fintech platform paving the way between Islamic FinTech companies (i.e. Startups) and the African financial institutions.

By hosting the POC (proof of concept) of some exciting new Islamic FinTech platforms in SAIFI, participants will have the chance to be among the first to see these platforms demonstrated and you will also be able to meet the founders and learn about how they plan to meet market needs in innovative ways.

This event will include keynote sessions, key stakeholders, regulatory panels between government agencies, financial institutions and startups.

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