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Definition of "Sighah"

(sighat al-`aqd) Sighah is a term used by the fuqaha' to refer to the formal exchange which takes place between the contractual parties indicating their willingness to enter into the contractual agreement and therefore constitutes the contract itself. The sighah is a rukn (integral element) of the Islamic contract and essentially consists of a proposal (ijab) on the part of one contractual party and an acceptance (qabul) on the part of the other, either of which may be verbal, written or even gestural, depending on the circumstances under which the contract is closed. An accepatable sighah in a sale contract, for example, may consist of a purchaser saying to a seller, "do you agree to sell me this merchandise for this price?" followed by the seller replying "Yes." The ijab and qabul may be reversed so that the seller proposes and the purchaser accepts. Signing a written contract which details the conditions of the transaction which it governs, constitutes acceptance on the part of the signer.

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