Riba al-nasi'ah

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Definition of "Riba al-nasi'ah"

Postponement riba. Riba al-nasi`ah is one of the two categories into which riba (see entry) is often divided by the fuqaha', the other being riba al-fadl (see entry). Riba al-nasi'ah takes place when two ribawi substances (see al-amwal al-ribawiyyah) are exchanged, one immediately and the other with a delay. An example of riba al-nasi'ah: two parties agree to exchange 10 kilos of gold for 2 kilos of silver such that the former is handed over immediately and the latter is to be delivered 2 weeks from the date the contract is signed. Another example: two traders exchange 1 metric ton of wheat for 2 metric tons of barley such that the latter is delivered after one year.

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