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Definition of "Al-‘adl"

Lit: Straightness, justice, fairness, equitableness. Tech: It consists of two elements: first, a sort of balance should be maintained among the people with respect to their rights; second, everyone should get what is due to him and pay what is due from him. What al-‘adl really demands is balance and proportion, rather than equal rights of citizenship. In certain respects, equality can be quite contrary to justice, such as in case of moral and social equality between parents and their children, or equality of remuneration between those doing higher services and those not so eminently engaged. What Allah has ordained is proportion and balance in the equality of rights. Al-‘adl requires that every person should be rendered all of his or her moral, social, economic, legal, political and civil rights. Al-‘adl is a mother virtue in the Muslim society. Individuals and society as a whole should observe justice in all their dealings. (Ant: al-zulm, which means to deprive someone of his rights.)

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