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What is Riba? The Islamic Finance Show on Islam Channel

By Harris Irfan | April 21, 2017

Salaam all.  After falling into apathy on social media, I have resolved to try harder.  Well, middle age is tough you know!  I like leather-bound notebooks, manual gearsticks and broadsheet newspapers.  A world made for millennials is a scary place for us dinosaurs!

Anyway, in the spirit of re-engaging, let me tentatively put my foot back in the sea of blogging.  Islam Channel in the UK have just launched a new show hosted by Sohail Nawaz called The Islamic Finance Show.  The producers and Sohail have done a wonderful job.  I appeared last Wednesday on the subject "What is Riba?". I'll be back in Episode 6 on 17 May on the subject "Islamic Finance in the UK".  

Hope you like it...

What is Riba?


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