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Sukuk Issuance Volume Reaches USD 188 Billion in 2021 

Sukuk Issuance Volume Reaches USD 188 Billion in 2021
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Sukuk issuances totalled USD 188 billion in 2021 compared to USD 175 billion in 2020, with a quarter of the issued Sukuk being international offerings and domestic issuances accounting for the remainder, according to the 11th Edition of International Islamic Financial Market’s (IIFM) Annual Sukuk Report.

Why it Matters?

The Sukuk market is still highly concentrated, with four top nations accounting for 88.5% of all issuances, despite the constant emergence of new jurisdictions. 12,778 Sukuk worth USD 1.6 trillion were issued internationally over the past 20 years, with Malaysia issuing two-thirds of them. But the markets with the most issuances are Turkey, Gambia, Indonesia, and Bahrain, while the regional situation is different in terms of amount.