Halal Angels Network Recruits UK Fintech to Digitise Halal Investment Market


Halal Angels Network, which was launched to promote innovation, entrepreneurship, and start-ups in the Halal sector, has partnered with United Kindom (UK)-based fintech Delio to digitise the Halal investment market for angel investors globally. 

According to Reuters, the Halal sector is expected to be worth USD 9.71 trillion by 2025. Despite the popularity of the market, no previous angel network has streamlined the investment procedure in the Halal industry. 

Media reported that Halal Angels Network is adopting innovative technology to digitise the investment process, including how they present, distribute and manage Halal-based deals. This will enable angel investors to have access to deal flow, which can be categorized according to interests, risk appetite and current portfolio. 

According to Dr Tausif Malik, Founder of Halal Angels Network, the Halal industry not only offers immense opportunities across the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia, but also financial capitals such as London which are heading towards ethical investing. Dr Malik added that selecting a global Fintech partner such as Delio with proven private markets technology would help connect angels globally and support business. 

Halal Angels Network is targeting angel investors across Western countries to consider opportunities in various segments of the Halal market including pharmaceuticals, modest fashion, food and tourism. The digital platform will offer an innovative means of showcasing Halal-based deals to an international audience, according to media reports. 

Rahul Vaish, Delio’s Client Director for the Middle East, stated that both angel and Halal investing are becoming increasingly relevant within private markets, and that through the collaboration there is an opportunity to showcase the Halal market, which is primed for strong growth, on a global scale.  

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