Daud and Kurt - Conversations on Applying Values to Investing

Daud and Kurt - Conversations on Applying Values to Investing


My dear brother Kurt Lieberman and I have decided to write some articles together. This post you are reading is our first. We share common views on many issues yet continue to challenge each other constructively through discussion and debate. The differences in our backgrounds combined with our shared views will hopefully make for interesting reading. Essentially, we would like to start a conversation. We want that conversation to grow and include many people.

We chose to place this conversation on IslamicMarkets.com as it reaches across Islamic finance and markets. Over time, this conversation will spread to other places, including the RFI Foundation newsletters and the publications of the Caux Round Table. The common thread to these publications is the shared views on the importance of applying values to investing.

There are many presentations and lots of numbers about the growth of Islamic finance and the growth of Responsible Investing. For simplicity, we won’t consume space reposting such material. Where we would like to focus your attention is the importance of having impact. As those who have read my prior writing know, I discuss Relevance, Trust and Impact (#RTI) often. Being Relevant in every action that you take. Building Trust with everyone you encounter and ensuring that your actions lead to a positive and effective Impact. Basically, good people doing good things.

There is power in numbers. The more people working toward the same goal, the greater the chances for success and the sooner the success is likely to arrive. Islamic finance and Responsible Investing have both been successful and have increased the role of values in investing. Further, both are showing that using values in investing is increasingly providing at least as strong investment returns as traditional approaches to investing. Perhaps surprisingly for some, there is broad compatibility between the two and working together strengthens each.

We have an outline for topics. Please consider it open to changes. We want to start a dialogue and use the dialogue to make change happen and make it happen soon. Inshallah

Each of these posts will be short. I wrote the first one in my voice as I have a large following on IslamicMarkets.com. As both of us contribute to the content, going forward the posts will be in a combined voice.

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2 years ago
Associate Partners

Looking forward to reading your articles. (edited)

2 years ago
DVA Consulting Sdn Bhd

#2 Just published and #3 will be published next week. Please enjoy