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Heaven's Bankers

Heaven's Bankers


Inside the Hidden World of Islamic Finance

Islamic finance is redefining the global financial landscape. But is it really a transparent solution to ethical banking? Can it maintain its ideals of social justice, or is it guilty of the very dangers that it seeks to avoid? Harris Irfan's blog expands on the themes in his critically acclaimed book, Heaven's Bankers, the only insider's narrative about the Islamic finance industry.
By Harris Irfan    2 years ago
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By Harris Irfan    3 years ago
Why the Islamic Finance Industry is Failing to Evolve
Yangon, Myanmar - Islamic finance expanding into non-OIC countries. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.If anyone attended the recent Deloitte-IRTI/IDB workshop, I owe you an apology. I know, I was ranting. I’m slightly concerned it’s kind of my thing nowadays. I think the angry young man is still somewhere within, even if disguised by middle age. Is this what I a...
By Harris Irfan    3 years ago
Dubai: Global Hub for Islamic Finance
You may be aware that we recently put out a white paper based on data provided by Thomson Reuters that seeks to propel Dubai to the forefront of the Islamic asset management industry.Discussed on CNBC Arabiya from minute 3 onwards The full paper is here: points: Despite huge international potential, th...
By Harris Irfan    3 years ago
"Haste Ye Back": IF and ESG in EDI
Edinburgh, Scotland: The location for the Global Ethical Finance Forum (GEFF), this week. Image courtesy of Shutterstock. Sporting a no-nonsense air of authority and a bristling moustache, the master of ceremonies looks like the kind of man you’d want on your side in a fight.  His life journey is etched on his face and his stance and assured bearing clearly ma...
By Harris Irfan    3 years ago
The Nature of Money
Conscious Capitalism - Banking and the role of religion. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.ISLAMIC BANKING AND CONSCIOUS CAPITALISMAt the January 2010 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, the erudite and prolific Sharia scholar, Muhammad Taqi Usmani, was invited to present a paper with a somewhat radical theme: reforming the world’s post-crisis financial l...