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BIBD’S Community for Brunei Initiative Launches ‘Community for Ramadhan’

IM Press Release
By IM Press Release
4 years ago
BIBD’S Community for Brunei Initiative Launches ‘Community for Ramadhan’

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  1. BIBD ’S COMMUNITY FOR BRUNEI INITIATIVE LAUNCHES ‘COMMUNITY FOR RAMADHAN’ FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 23, 2020 – Community for Brunei, BIBD’s latest initiative, is pleased to announce the launch of ‘Community for Ramadhan’. This program aims to provide a virtual ‘gerai ramadhan’, enabling members of the public to purchase food and drinks from various vendors, which will be delivered directly to buyers. Onboarding for vendors began on April 20, 2020 and currently there are over 50 vendors registered for the website with more to be added over the coming days. Among the vendors included in Community for Brunei are the BIBD SEED entrepreneurs along with various Mualafpreneurs including various vendors who usually participate in the yearly Ramadhan Stalls organised by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA) and the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports (MOCYS). Customers will be able to place their orders on the website www.communityforbrunei.com from Thursday 23 April 2020, where orders received by 6pm will be scheduled for delivery by GoMamam the following day and any orders received after 6pm will be delivered within 48 hours. BIBD’s Chief Marketing Officer, Hjh Nurul Akmar binti Hj Mohd Jaafar, said “The idea behind Community for Ramadhan is to enable Bruneians to feel the spirit of gerai Ramadhan online. In view of COVID-19, we hope to bring various vendors and customers together in a virtual marketplace instead. Customers can enjoy a safe and secure payment environment, where their meals for sungkai will be delivered directly to their homes.” She added, “For vendors, this will be an opportunity for them to enable their business digitally during the pandemic. There are no registration charges for vendors to be on this platform until 16 July 2020. For micro and small businesses, they would not need to Prepared by Corporate Communications, BIBD PRESS RELEASE CC/PR/2020/0XX
  2. worry about cash transactions or sourcing delivery companies , as these elements are already included in the Community for Brunei ecosystem. This ideation is to enable the small businesses to carry their business online and sustain the challenging times”. Vendors who wish to be onboarded can still reach out to BIBD via email at cmo@bibd.com.bn for registration after getting their 16/17 registration, MSME account opening and QuickPay registration. Members of the public may also visit www.communityforbrunei.com or visit our Instagram at @communityforbrunei. (ENDS) Prepared by Corporate Communications, BIBD PRESS RELEASE CC/PR/2020/0XX
  3. For further information , please contact: ADINA AZAHARI Corporate Communications BIBD Tel: +673 2269 817 Fax: +673 2222 430 e-mail: adinahazri.azahari@bibd.com.bn About BIBD BIBD is the largest financial institution in Brunei Darussalam, leading the market in terms of assets, financings, and deposits, with a vision to become globally recognised as the benchmark Islamic Finance Institution. BIBD is headquartered in Bandar Seri Begawan with Brunei’s largest network of branches and ATMs located strategically in all four districts of Brunei Darussalam. BIBD is one of the safest banks in the world and holds an impressive credit rating of Aby Standard & Poor’s since 2015, the highest for a Bruneian bank and among the highest in the region. In 2019, BIBD has been named the “Best Managed Bank in Brunei” and “Strongest Bank in Brunei by Balance Sheet” by the Asian Banker, as well as “Best Retail Bank in Brunei” from 2013 to 2019. BIBD has also been recognized by Global Finance as “Safest Bank in Brunei” from 2016 to 2019 and “Best Bank in Asia-Pacific for Brunei” in 2018. For more information on any of BIBD’s other products or services, please log on to the BIBD website at www.bibd.com.bn, visit your nearest BIBD branch or get in touch with the BIBD Contact Centre at 2238181. Prepared by Corporate Communications, BIBD PRESS RELEASE CC/PR/2020/0XX