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Designing a Game-Changing Islamic Brand

Muslims know a thing or two about branding, after all they already own some of the world’s most well known brands. To Muslims, the brand ‘Islam’ represents a way of life; the ‘ummah’ is a transnationa...
IB Insights | December 10, 2013

Internationalising Islamic Finance: Prospects & Challenges

Not long ago, the Islamic finance industry was seen as a niche market, catering only for a specialised segment within the global banking industry. However, the credit crisis of 2007-08 and the more re...
Shakeeb Saqlain | November 26, 2013

Shariah Governance

Islamic Finance is very much now international in scope and depth. Increasingly this internationalisation is demanding that institutions have the framework for a Shariah compliant process in a much mo...
IB Insights | November 18, 2013

Islam, Women and Empowerment

Islam gives credence to women, certifying towards them respect, honour, dignity and equality. In the centuries prior to Islam, women were illtreated, looked upon as commodities and were given very lit...
IB Insights | October 08, 2013

Islamic Finance: Translating Belief into Practice

Marketing Islamic finance in new markets requires educating its consumers in its products and practices. But in marketing to its potential consumers, the Islamic finance industry has a lot t...
IB Insights | October 08, 2013

British Government Policy on Islamic Finance

Despite having an established church, the UK generally maintains separation between church and state which leads to the following policy requirements:a) The same law applies to all citizens, irrespe...
IB Insights | October 08, 2013

Our Problem with Terminology

Murabahah, Muharabah, Mubaraha, Murababa, Mudharabah, Marhabah and Muhababah are all Arabic words, not necessarily pertinent to Islamic banking and finance or to anything to do with the...
IB Insights | October 08, 2013