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SOAS University of London, Greenway Gardens, London, UK
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The negative impact of human beings on the environment cannot be denied, nor can it be denied that in recent decades there has been a gradual shift in global investor consciousness away from pure profit and towards investment that considers environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors. Such a shift is only likely to become more pronounced in future as climate change continues apace, bringing environmental issues further into the public consciousness. Meanwhile, ever more informed consumers increasingly wish to know that their investments reflect their values. With its emphasis on social justice – and prohibitions of riba, gharar, and unjust enrichment – the Islamic finance industry seems to be ideally placed to lead a shift towards responsible investment. However, the industry has yet to take a such a position. Why is that?
The SOAS Centre for Islamic and Middle Eastern Law, in association with the Qatar Financial Centre, is proud to present the latest instalment in their annual public lecture series on contemporary issues in the Islamic finance industry. This year’s lecture will be given by Mr Rafe Haneef, Harvard Law graduate and CEO of CIMB Islamic Bank Berhad in Malaysia, and will be chaired by Sir William Blair, former Commercial Court judge and current professor of Financial Law and Ethics at Queen Mary University of London.
The annual SOAS-QFC lecture provides an excellent opportunity to see one of the leaders of the Islamic finance field discuss a contemporary issue handpicked by industry experts. Attendees usually include experts from academia, finance, and law, as well as leading Sharia scholars. This is an almost unique event in the industry at which scholarship is advanced and collaboration between practitioners and scholars is strengthened, and it is not to be missed.
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