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Sahrayı Cedit, Hilton Istanbul Kozyatagi, Batman Sokak, Kadıköy/İstanbul, Turkey
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In recent years there has been a trend towards positioning Turkey as the leader of halal trade and economy. Participation finance was introduced within the broader sphere of secularism, and has continued to grow steadily. It is expected that at the current rates, participation finance will challenge the traditional banking sector for larger market share.

Many suggest that the halal economy and participation finance are inherently linked with ethical values and strategies; however, others suggest that these are positively differentiating themselves from the wider ethical finance universe; demarcated and regulated with standard-setting bodies promoting a consistent global approach. A final school challenges the notion of these being ethical at all by questioning the creation of synthetic products which mirror traditional outcomes and fail to have the desired impact to economic inequality, gender balance and climate change.

We will seek to address these issues and challenges through thoughtful and responsible dialogue. We have carefully selected stakeholders, regionally and internationally recognised business leaders, policymakers and thought leaders as Turkey moves to realise its ambition to become the leading hub and bridge between Europe, Africa, the GCC region, and beyond for the halal economy and participation finance.

Our roundtables are endorsed and supported by various governmental departments, multilateral organisations, private corporations and academic institutions and a number of participation banks amongst others.

For more information on the key discussion points, our distinguished speakers and supporters, and to reserve your seat, please visit

Please be advised that seats are limited, and early registration is highly recommended.

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