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Sheraton Oman Hotel, 40 Way, Muscat, Oman
Event Details

OiFF2019 is the first of its kind in Oman to bring the potential of Islamic Fintech under the limelight.

While some neighbouring countries pioneered in adopting Islamic Fintech, Oman Islamic Fintech Forum will set the stage for Islamic Fintech experts to meet and share their expertise in order to assess Oman’s potential in embracing Islamic Fintech to promote economic growth and develop the industry of Islamic Finance.

Oman Islamic FinTech Forum aims to become the exclusive Islamic Fintech reference in Oman. This event will bring industry experts from various fields of expertise – regulators, bankers, entrepreneurs, investors, and IT experts to share their experiences and insights in developing the FinTech ecosystem for Islamic finance in Oman.

OiFF is a gathering of top notch industry experts coming from different parts of the world to explore potential collaboration opportunities. The event serves as a platform for knowledge transfer and networking between different stakeholders in Islamic Finance and FinTech industries – regulators, banks, start-ups, investors, academics and financial institutions. In order to facilitate the business exchange, we will have a special app that allows every participant to see who is attending and connect with them to engage and converse.

We will be covering the different type of technologies used in financial services with a particular focus on the usage of FinTech in banking. Our sessions will combine panel discussions to debate and exchange relevant ideas and keynote speeches to showcase Islamic FinTech success stories in other countries. Our guests are all high-level regulators and industry professionals who will be providing insights about the readiness of Oman’s financial sector to adopt FinTech and potential it has to enhance financial inclusion and develop Islamic Finance industry further.

OiFF will be not only a platform to present and discuss Islamic FinTech but also the stage where new initiatives and collaborations between different stakeholders will be initiated. The event is a venue to discuss the current status-quo with its present challenges, to think out viable solutions and to launch valuable partnerships for the industry.