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IBA City Campus, Kiyani Shaheed Road, Karachi, Pakistan
Event Details

The Islamic Finance Conference (IFC) 2019 themed 'Emerging Trends in Islamic Finance' will be held on 9th December 2019 in Karachi. The call for papers for the conference is now live. Last date of complete paper submission is 31st October 2019. The candidates will receive intimation of acceptance of paper by 16th November 2019.

The key objective of Islamic Finance Conference, 2019 is to promote innovation and research in the Islamic Finance industry. The conference theme is well-suited to this objective.

The conference gives a chance to researchers to present their papers on the following emerging trends in the industry:
1. Digital Banking
2. Fintech, Big Data and Islamic Finance
3. Islamic Social Finance: Zakat, Waqf and Sadaqah
4. Venture Capital, Startups and Islamic Finance
5. Islamic Crowdfunding
6. Innovative Products for Takaful and Banking
7. Green Sukuk
8. Shariah Non-Compliance Risk Management
9. Sustainable Development Goals and Islamic Finance
10. Islamic Economic System
11. Solutions for Liquidity Management
12. Women's Participation in Islamic Finance
13. Economic System for Riyasat e Madinah
14. Role of Central Bank in an Interest-Free Economy
15. Other Contemporary Issues in Islamic Banking and Finance