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The rapid development of technology, especially information technology, brings about change in many aspects of human life such as social and economy, trade and industry, human development, politics and other aspects of human life. This development promises a lot of conveniences and makes human life easier. As a result of the development, there is a revolutionary transformation in a human activity such as the field of trade and industry (Industry 4.0) and social life (information society). However, although initially created to produce positive benefits, there are also negative impacts. The development of the industrial revolution and the information society has turned human being into ineffective or passive societies. The development has made mankind alienated from social life. In response to these matters, efforts have been being done by many countries. It is worth noting that the Japanese government is the one that initiates this concept officially by issuing the policy of implementing and developing the Super smart society or Society 5.0 through the 5th Science and Technology Basic Plan by the Council for Science, Technology, and Innovation, and approved by Cabinet decision in January 2016. The concept of society 5.0 emphasizes the role of humans, so it is a human-center society concerning the use of technology. The core of the concept is that human is the subject, while technology is the object. Relevant with the concept, in the Islamic paradigm humankind is believed as the Vicegerent of God (Khalifatullah fil ard) to govern the earth for the prosperity of all creatures on earth (Rahmatan lil alamin). How this Islamic paradigm should be conceptualized in more detail formulation to establish a better society is one of the concerns of Muslim leaders and scholars. Based on the situation, the International Conference on Islamic Studies (ICONICS) 2020 is organized under the theme:"Islam in Contemporary Context: Conceptualizing Islamic Civilization in the Era of Society 5.0" The ICONICS 2020 will engage some important issues in Islamic civilization such as economy, education, science and technology, interreligious relation, humanity and gender, social, politics, and others relevant to the conference themes. The conference is organized to bring together academics, researchers, professionals, educators, and practitioners to exchange and share experiences and results of their research in all aspects of Islamic Studies, especially those related to the theme and topics of the conference mentioned above. This bi-annual conference is organized by the Faculty of Islamic Studies, Universitas Muhammadiyah Jakarta, Indonesia. Topics:1. Islamic education2. Islamic economy3. science and technology4. sharia (Islamic law)5. Islamic politics6. interreligious and intercultural relation7. humanity and gender8. Da'wah9. and others relevant to the conference themes