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Dead Sea, Jordan
Event Details

DEDS2020 is inviting all researchers, perspective authors, industries and academicians to submit their original papers to International Conference on Business Environment in Digital Economy and Data Science (DEDS2020), which will take place on April 5-6, 2020 in Amman, Jordan. This research conference is organized by Al-Balqa Applied University with the theme of The Role of Data Science in Business, Management and Computing the Emerging Technology Era. All researchers and academicians are invited to attend this research conference.


• Digital economy and sustainable development.
• Digital economy, creativity, and innovation.
• The reality of digital economy in the Arab countries and the horizons of its development.
• The requirements of establishing a successful digital economy.
• The challenges and obstacles that face digital economy in the Arab countries.
• Digital economy, monetary and fiscal policies.
• Economics of education in the digital economy.
• Macroeconomics and digital economy in the digital economy (unemployment, recruitment, inflation, and others) in the digital economy.
• Microeconomics and digital economy.
• Economics of Reputation in the digital societies.
• Social Capital in the digital socites.
• Digital media and digital economy.
• Digital labour and its role in the economic boom.
• Political economy and digital economy.

Information Technology and Systems
• Technical and Vocational Training and Education.
• Virtual reality and the security of digital information.
• The privacy of clients in the digital economy.
• Knowledge management and business intelligence.
• Enterprise resource planning systems.
• Smart Cities Information System, and the competence and effectiveness of their construction and management.
• Digital economy infrastructure.
• Digital distinction.
• Information technology, communication and creating business opportunities.
• Information technology, communication and the effectiveness of analyzing digital business environment.

Accounting and Finance
• Banks, smart markets, and online payment gateways.
• Smart financial organizations and sustainable development.
• The change into XBRL language to prepare financial reports.
• Accounting and Internet censorship.
• Profit transfer in the digital economy.
• Cash flow into Crypocurrency markets and money disclosure.
• Design and development of the accounting and finance policies of the digital economy.
• Applications and risks of digital Islamic finance.
• The requirements of financial technology.
• The strategies of tax planning in the digital economy.
• Human resources accounting in the digital economy.

• Smart learning organizations.
• Six sigma and E-government.
• Self management and digital marketing.
• Electronic business and digital economy.
• Decision making in the digital economy.
• Entrepreneurship and digital economy.
• The internal environment of the organization and its employment to serve the digital economy.
• Digital economy and competitive advantage.
• Necessary human resources to digital economy.
• Financial prices in the digital economy.
• Service industry in the digital economy.
• New business models that keep up to the digital economy.
• Teletraining in the digital economy.
• Universities, schools and the distribution of digital economy.
• Adapt inner work environment to keep up with the requirements of digital age.